Pregnant Nurse Loses Job After Refusing Flu Vaccine

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LANCASTER, Pa. (CNN) -  A pregnant nurse tells CNN she was fired from her job after she refused to get a flu shot for fear of miscarrying.

“I’m a healthy person. I take care of my body. For me, the potential risk was not worth it,” Dreonna Breton told CNN Sunday. “I’m not gonna be the one percent of people that has a problem.”

Breton, 29, worked as a nurse at Horizons Healthcare Services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when she was told that all employees were required to get a flu shot. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention advises that all health care professionals get vaccinated annually.

She told her employers that she would not get the vaccine after she explained that there were very limited studies of the effects on pregnant women.

Breton came to the decision with her family after three miscarriages.

The mother of one submitted letters from her obstetrician and primary care doctor supporting her decision, but she was told that she would be fired on December 17 if she did not receive the vaccine before then.

Horizons Healthcare Services spokesman Alan Peterson told CNN affiliate WPVI that it’s unconscionable for a health care worker not to be immunized and that pregnant women are more susceptible to the flu.

The CDC website states that getting a flu shot while pregnant is the best protection for pregnant women and their babies.

“I know that the CDC says to get it, and that’s fine, but it was our choice to avoid the flu vaccine and the unknowns that come with that,” Breton said.

Breton offered to wear a face mask at work, a practice that is used if employees are exempted for religious reasons. The hospital did not approve, according to Breton.

Breton has no interest in taking legal action, she said. She stated she only wants the company to reevaluate their policy on vaccines for pregnant employees and to continue working as a nurse.


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  • nicole says:

    She has every right to choose not to be vaccinated. For an employer to force ANYONE to put something in there body is wrong.

  • Wolfenxxx says:

    Good for her, I wouldn’t accept it either.

    nicole- their body, not there….

  • Shorty says:

    I work in the Medical field.
    My job stated that we can take the flu vaccine or
    if we didn’t we had to wear a mask all day until
    it was break time or going home time.
    I personally think she should have not been
    terminated for her decision.

  • jessica morales says:

    i think its a bunch of bull myself to force someone to get a flu vaccine ,its not right there should be some sort of law saying its free will about such vaccinations . i would be somewhere looking up the laws to see if they could do that

  • Brooke Grissom says:

    I completely agree with her. If they have a policy for employees who are exempt for religious reasons then why can’t she choose for herself.. Ridiculous..

  • Garyl Gordon says:

    I see this as completely asinine. The company she works for allows the exemption for religious views but yet takes this stand with this nurse. I see this is another example where those not of a particular faith or list of faiths are being discriminated against for their beliefs and practice of their belief. It appears to be very reminiscence of a period in Western civilization known as ‘The Inquisition.”

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