Auburn Fans Asked Not to Roll Palm Trees Outside Rose Bowl

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The trees at Toomer's Corner, rolled by Auburn fans. This was before the trees were taken down after being poisoned. (WHNT News 19 file)

PASADENA, Ca. – One week from today the Auburn Tigers will take on Florida State for the BCS National Championship.

Auburn fans are certainly hoping for a victory, but if they do win, BCS officials have a request.

Unlike what happens on campus after a victory, BCS officials request that Auburn fans not roll the palm trees outside of the Rose Bowl with toilet paper.

The Auburn Family Twitter account (@AUFAMILY) posed the question to Rose Bowl officials, who responded with a very straight forward answer: “Please do not attempt to roll the palm trees. PPD will take action if necessary.”

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  • Michael

    That’s reasonable, Auburn fans should realize they are not in Alabama anymore, and they should respect their rules.

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