Rapper Dies in Montgomery Nightclub Shooting, Club Shuts Down

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AL.com)- After a Friday night shooting at a Montgomery nightclub where eight people were shot, two of whom died, city officials say the club will close.

That’s according to our partners at AL.com.

The article states the rapper known as Doe B, or Glenn Thomas, was shot and killed around 1:00am Saturday morning. He was 22-years old.

Montgomery’s Mayor Todd Strange issued this statement:

“Effective immediately, the city of Montgomery has taken action to close the Centennial Hill Bar and Grill on Highland Avenue, which operated previously as the Rose Supper Club. We do not take this action lightly, but believe this decision is compelled by clear evidence that continued operation of this establishment poses an imminent threat to the public’s safety.”

Our partners at AL.com also state that the Montgomery Police Department identified the second fatality from the overnight shooting as 21-year-old Kimberle Johnson.
The shooting remains under investigation and no arrests have been made.

To read the full AL.com article, click here.


  • amanda says:

    Really….grow up somebody died. Thats somebody`s baby no matter how old they are. My prayers and thoughts go out to the victims family.

    • Dong Boy says:

      The thugs who were there would rather push the “stop snitching” mentality instead of hoping to find the killer who took innocent life, and injured 5 others.


  • Michael Kewl says:

    “Rap-crap” is death to the Black community…

  • Michael Kewl says:

    RAP is death to the Black community…

  • Sean E. Salmon says:


    • Huntsville says:

      Sean, you can’t even spell correctly trying to post in a forum. Grab you a dictionary and do your homework Dummy!! You people are SICK. Two people has lost their life here and all you fools have to post are your negative comments??? @ Michael Kewl , last time I checked, Rap came from other Race also ; an not just Black People; I expected this kind of comment from you!! I could go non an on , but I choose not to be ignorant with you HOGS!!! Prayers going out to the victim’s family!!

      • Sonya says:

        Ok forget the spelling for now this is much bigger than missing a few letters. I know that we are angry about the situation, but let’s have a little kuff about it. We have many opinions.

      • The Truth says:

        Please stop. These rappers sing about killing cops and beating up and insulting women and then glorify it in a defiant manner to anyone that will listen. It doesn’t matter if they are black or white. When they glorify actions such as these, don’t be shocked when people just kinda pass on by when the lifestyle they chose to glorify, and portray as cool to kids, catches up with one of them. If I’m not mistaken, “poppin’ a cap in someone” is a term introduced by the rappers.

        Your politically correct defense of these people is ridiculous at best and possibly racist itself.

  • talktonoble@gmail,com says:

    When you fail to learn your history… you fail to remember who you are! This is simply a generation lost in the wilderness…

  • Ky-Juan says:

    This attitude is what’s sickening. People died. Not enough information here to know why and any attempt to state a reason based on this information is nothing more than speculation and prejudice. I didn’t see these sorts of comments when Wayne Mills got shot in a country bar http://www.wetpaint.com/celebrity-deaths/articles/2013-11-25-country-singer-wayne-mills-dies

    People are dead. Pray for their families. Let the police do their work.

    • Huntsville says:

      You better speak it!!! You know they had forgotten about that!! Racist people!!

    • Wake Up says:

      Some places only pray for white people when they die. Go to the other stories involving deaths and see from the comments if I am correct!

  • The One says:

    We can fix this generation lost. Stop this for profit jail system. Stop the mass jailing of individuals. Setup the jails like some third world countries or hard labor camps.Start sending all killers overseas in war torn countries where they can be used for target practice( becomes the victims of truck bombs, i.e.d., sniper fire etc). When they realize if they are caught or found guilty for killing they know one way express ticket to meet their maker. Granted it may not be perfect but it will send a message. It’s is unfortunate that the current generation does not have a clue to all of the freedoms they have.

  • these idiots think its cool to be gangsta…they all seem to think being a thug is what life is all about, how tough is Glen Thomas right now???

    • Huntsville says:

      Just as tough as Wayne Mills… Ignorance I will not go back & forth to entertain you!!

      • Wake Up says:

        It is not as bad when it is redneck culture! It is the ole “my culture is better than your culture” attitude!

  • Autumn says:

    What a shame. As a mother…I am really saddened
    For his mother my prayers go out

  • Jessica says:

    Gregory a p is exactly correct!!! Rappers glorify that thuggish lifestyle! It’s not racist it’s FACT!

  • Omar Moreno says:

    “We do not take this action lightly, but believe this decision is compelled by clear evidence that continued operation of this establishment poses an imminent threat to the public’s safety.”

    No, this establishment poses an imminent threat to the scum who are stupid enough to enter it.

  • Sonya says:

    When we learn to come together as one and start taking responsibility for our actions and our daughter’s and son’s actions then will we know how to deal with these matters. Now if you know that this club has been known for shootings in the past why would you go and party in that particular place. Yes in the 80`s we had so much fun there, but if a fight started there were no guns, just hands. Yes, we talked mess,but my people we are living in different times now. People will “rocker bye baby” with no questions asked, only to be asked after the fact, but lives have been taken. No family or friend wants to hear that a love one has been taken by gun shots. Now we as Moms and Dads have to instill in our young the values and morals of this life because we only have one. I am not saying to you don’t rap and don’t party just have respect for others and life. Monkey Town is not the only place people. My heart goes out to the families of those killed as well as injured.

  • Just Saying says:

    When and where did it ever say it was gang related or that these people where thugs? So because a person Raps they must be thugs or gangsters or selling drugs. Really? That’s what’s wrong with the world we point the finger before we even know the true evidence. Just saying get the facts before you speak.

    • Omar Moreno says:

      Oh, okay, you’re right. Just because there’s a history of rappers getting gunned down in night clubs, frequented by thugs and gangstas, shouldn’t lead us to a rush to judgement. And I guess that bombing in Russia yesterday wasn’t committed by a muslim terrorist too, right? But let a white shoot a black kid and, OMG, all hell breaks loose, jesse jack-ass-son is marching and the dictator in the white house immediately looses his “justice” department on the perp to prosecute as a hate crime.

  • preacher says:

    “It is appointed unto Man once to Die, And after this the Judgement”. Hebrews 9:27. Amen…

  • Sonya says:

    Ok forget the spelling for now this is much bigger than missing a few letters. I know that we are angry about the situation,but let’s have a little kuff about it. We have many opinions.

  • Karl Lee says:

    Thining of the herd

  • Hinnes says:

    Blacks…Who Cares…

  • preacher says:

    Psalms 9:17. Repent! Turn or Burn. Amen…

  • tuna says:


    Stand up guy. Look at these nice lyrics.
    Thug song by thugs, for thugs.

    Anyone that goes to a place to listen to this garbage knows a gun fight could break out at any minute. thugs gotta prove they bad right?

  • jamison-jones says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with rap. i like rap but some rappers are just straightt out DUMB AND DISRESPECTFUL. Just cuz you’ve ‘arrived’ doesn’t mean you become a jerk and an a***hole. Wactch what comes outtta ya mouth and how you act and you could possibly live longer. ask JAY-Z, 50-cent and the rest. whoever ventures into this business, needs to learn the ART of being respectful and well, don’t get liquored up during a rap session and say all kinds of s***t and think you’ll get away wit it. ITS THAT KIND OF BUSINESS.

  • If you consider the fact that this guy was a dirtbag, it should barely matter that it got covered. Dirtbags get killed all the time but this one got a well-known nightclub shut down for further investigation. There’s no telling WHAT they are now going to find. Now, if this guy was like the Godfather or a real mobster boss, I would be curious. At least he will be exposing any drug/gambling/prostitution involved in the club with his death.

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