Man With Christmas Wish Gets Over 1,800 Cards

Posted on: 4:48 pm, December 25, 2013, by


LEWISTON, N.Y. (WHNT) – A man with Down syndrome had a Christmas wish that came true almost 20 fold.

Elliot Shirback, 25, told his mother he wanted 100 cards for Christmas this year. Anne Daggett, Elliot’s mom, took a shot at bringing her son some joy this year by posting his request on Facebook a week before Christmas. Daggett was not expecting much.

The post went viral.

People from almost every state sent Shirback a Christmas card. Two days after his mother’s post, cards flooded Shirback’s home in upstate New York. Trays and trays came to their home all week leading up to Christmas. Elliot reached a total of over 1,800 cards. He said the cards bring him happiness because it’s like a gift letting him know people love and care for him.

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  • Sue says:

    That is FANTASTIC! Elliot- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I am wishing you.Many Many more!!!

  • Arpi says:

    How awesome! It would be great if we continue sending him cards for different occasions
    or “just because.”

  • Joy Brewer says:

    Was a great story to make someone so happy with a shower of cards, shows that many of our special people , just want to know people care about them. They don’t have to have a big gift to make them happy.

  • Patty Clark says:

    Please share his Elliot’s address so readers like myself (in WA ) can also send him a card.

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