Madison Fire Department Tries New Ways to Stop Texting and Driving

Posted on: 6:52 pm, December 25, 2013, by

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – First responders will tell you most crashes are caused by some type of distracted driving. One of the leading causes is texting while driving.

Police statewide already urge drivers to put down the phone while behind the wheel. Drivers in Madison will soon get the message, another way, from some who see the victims all the time.

Russ Kennington is with the Madison Fire Department. He says, “”It seems like every day they`ll do something I can`t imagine a human being would think to do.”

Madison Fire runs hundreds of wrecks throughout the city. Kennington says most people don’t admit they were texting and driving, so getting an exact count is difficult.

“The best we could tell, we would say probably 25% of the wrecks are caused by some form of cell phone use.”

So, the fire department features a message on their trucks now. There are four messages, each truck has a different one.

Each message is meant to serve a purpose.

“That`s going to get somebody`s attention. We feel like people will see it and at least make them start the through process of am I doing the smart thing.”

Firefighters in Madison will also wear t-shirts with some of the anti-texting and driving messages.