Florence Police Target Drunk Drivers This Holiday Season

Posted on: 10:35 pm, December 24, 2013, by

1224 FPD

FLORENCE, Al (WHNT) – With the holidays approaching, police are on the lookout for specific drivers.

Sergeant Keith Robinson, with the Florence Police Department, said officers are targeting DUI violators this holiday season. If you get caught drinking and driving you will be arrested and prosecuted.

“Where most people get in trouble is when they go out and have a couple of drinks. They feel a little buzz and think they are ok, but they’re not. The goal of the police department is to make sure everyone is safe,” says Sergeant Robinson.

The Florence Police Department will increase patrol officers and traffic efforts during the holiday season. Officers will be on the lookout for specific actions indicating a drunk driver.

“Well there are a lot of signs. People fail to use turn signals, fail to maintain signal lanes, failing to stop at a red light and stop signs,” said Sergeant Robinson.

The police department said ways to avoid drinking and driving is to have a designated driver or have a plan to get home safely.





  • Joe Vogelberger says:

    Hmm… If not using a turn signal is a sign of an intoxicated driver, then just about *everybody* in Florence is hammered.

  • Mitchell Robertson says:

    Texting and driving is much more dangerous. The fines should be the same.

  • preacher says:

    alcohol is a equal opportunity Destroyer! This Evil needs to be eradicated from society! Just say NO to Alcohol & Drugs! Amen…

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