Family Fighting to Prevent Hospital from Turning off Life Support for 13 year old

Jahi McMath

OAKLAND, Calif.  (CNN) –  A family is fighting for their 13-year-old, who was declared brain dead last week after undergoing surgery to remove her tonsils.

“I don’t want her off life support because I really feel like she can wake up,” Nailah Winkfield told CNN’s Piers Morgan. “I feel like it’s just been a rough week for her and, if they just give her some more time, then she’ll be able to wake up.”

Family members believe the mother of Jahi McMath should make the decision, not the staff at the children’s hospital where she is being treated.

McMath experienced complications after the surgery on December 9th, eventually went into cardiac arrest and suffered deprivation of oxygen to her brain.  Doctors said a CT scan revealed that two-thirds of Jahi’s brain was swollen and she is 100% brain damaged, or medically dead.

McMath’s family pursued help from the court system to keep the hospital from turning off her ventilator.  This week, the judge is expected to hear from an independent evaluator commenting on her McMath’s prognosis.

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