Marshall County Commission Looks Ahead to 2014

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MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WHNT) — The Marshall County Commission is looking ahead to the new year, and the projects it is hoping to complete stem from the success commissioners say the county saw in 2013.

Marshall County Commission Chair James Hutcheson says this year the county saw many changes and improvements.

“In my opinion this was the best year the Marshall County Commission has ever had. Of course, we got a lot of money from the government, ATRIP money. We got roughly $17 million worth of ATRIP funds,” Hutcheson says.

That money from the state is being used to fix roads and bridges across the county. Some of those projects are complete and some will be in progress for several years. Hutcheson says the county has to match about $5 million of the project. He says this year the county was approved for a lower interest rate on that money, which lessens taxpayer dollars.

Another accomplishment the county achieved was school resource officers. “For the first time in the county’s history we have a school resource officer on each campus,” Hutcheson says.

This year the commission was also able to buy some land behind the jail for future expansions and several new patrol cars.

With the help of a FEMA grant, the commission approved several other projects as well. “We approved 106 individual safe rooms, and we had eight community safe rooms. We added 20 sirens to the county,” Hutcheson says.

Hutcheson says looking ahead to next year, the commission will move forward stemming from the success of this year.

“A lot of these ATRIP programs, it’s going to take at least a couple of years to complete them, so we’ll be working on those programs, and just following up on what we’ve got started this year.”


  • putter says:

    Improvement number one Joey Masters is out, no thanks, to the county commission < they all slow played this problems, and did not stand up for the Marshall county tax payers, who Masters cheated out of thousands of tax dollars.

  • mark weaver says:

    when are they going to fix the bridges in district 3?

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