Fish N Loaves Ministry Gets Money to Fund Christmas Meal

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Food and good company are free of charge every Friday at 6th Avenue Church of God in Decatur. WHNT NEWS 19 went to the river city for a surprise visit.

A husband and wife team at the church have a heart for the homeless. They make sure at least one day a week, they have a warm meal to eat.

"My husband feeds the tummy, and I feed the soul," says Wanda Graham.

It's a catchy saying that perfectly describes the atmosphere at 6th Avenue Church of God in Decatur.

"I have the heart for the Bible and he has the heart to feed," explains Graham.

Gen and Wanda Graham make sure people who come to them for a hot meal, leave fed, both physically and spiritually. The group fellowships every Friday from 11:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

The Grahams started the Fish N Loaves feeding ministry in February of 2012. It's very personal for them.

"We were homeless and we didn't know where to go," says Graham.

Gen and Wanda get a weekly budget from the church of around $60 to make the food. As you can imagine, that only covers a portion of what's needed to feed everyone.

"We try to feed everybody and it's hard to do," says Graham. "It's hard to have enough food to feed everybody."

That's where WHNT NEWS 19 stepped in to ease the burden some with $319 in cash. The surprise announcement moved Wanda to tears.

"This is going to help so many more people for Christmas," says Graham.

Gen and Wanda say they usually can only afford to make a one pot soup, but with the $319, they say Friday, December 27th, they will be able to prepare and enjoy a real Christmas feast.

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  • Wandaajaane Graham

    Fish N loaves Ministry, at 6th Ave church of God
    we just wanted to thank you WHNT news 19 for coming and surprise visit we always need all the help we can get to help us out about feeding the homeless n low-in-come families that dont have food n who dont know Who is Jesus Christ is and thats what we are trying to do is spread the Lord word and feed there tummy , anytime you wanna come on Friday’s you all are more than welcome to come n eat with us anytime…times 11-3 on Friday’s may God Bless you all…

    Thank you clarissa McClain
    God Bless you…

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