Merry Christmas from WHNT News 19

Posted on: 10:06 pm, December 22, 2013, by , updated on: 08:17am, December 25, 2013

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– Throughout 2013, WHNT News 19 has been celebrating our 50 years on the air.   So as we wrap up our golden anniversary, here’s a look back in our archives at some Christmas greetings from the past.

The first aired on Christmas Eve 1989 and the second on Christmas Eve 1982.   Enjoy and Merry Christmas.


  • Kenneth Preston says:

    Here’s what happened on WHNT 50 years ago yesterday. at 8pm that time was a special Judy Garland christmas show where Judy had her children with her on the program. that was where it included Judy and her 2 liitle ones singing a song from the “OLIVER” broadway play.Jack Jones was also the guest on the show. Judy even sang “over The Rainbow” from one of her earliest movies “The Wizzard Of Oz” (which was also aired that same season on CBS and WHNT and hosted by Danny Kaye).

  • I can go back to the late 60s when I went to work at WHNT-TV. It was on ‘Beautiful Monte Sano’. Charlie Grisham was the Owner/Manager, Tom Perce (I started as his secretary), Hans Sitarz – News Director, Skip and wife Linda Haley – News, Grady Reeves and ”Mornin Folks”. Last but not least H. D. Bagley, the best, most accurate, laid back Weatherman ever! He delivered the weather using an easel with a large white pad and a marking pen. Didn’t have all the weather predicting stuff that was to come. Tornado watch – no hysterics. If in your home go to an inside room and wait. In your car – pull over and lay in a ditch. And his famous sign-off Friday nights – “Wherever you go this weekend, be sure to go to church”. Not one objections or protests from any viewer ever. Ralph Stanley was Sales Director. Two of the salesmen, out there signing up buyers of commercial air time, were Grady Smith and Wayne Steele. Jim Francis making sure everything aired when it. Our great maintenance man, Cookie (?) not sure. First person I ever met who shared the same birthday as me – June 23. Keith Lowhorne came on board while I was there. All the wonderful engineers whose names this 80 year-old mind can’t recall at this moment. When I left Channel 19 I had been promoted to Traffic Manager. Daily logs put together the old fashioned way – paper form, pencil or ink, then typed up on a reliable manual typewriter. Ahh yes, I remember the really good ol’ days of Channel 19.

  • Waymon says:

    Merry Christmas back at you Channel 19! Thanks for bring us quality programming. ROLL TIDE and a DAMN WAR EAGLE.

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