Taking Action: Members Of Closed Gym Say Bank Accounts Still Being Drafted

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-The doors at the Gold’s Gym in south Huntsville remain closed, but concerns are growing that its doorway to members’ bank accounts is still very much open.

Several Gold’s Gym members reached out to WHNT News 19 over the last 24 hours after our initial story aired on the gym’s closing Monday evening. Some of those members tell us that their bank accounts were charged on Monday, even though Gold’s Gym reportedly shut down its Bailey Cove Road location over the weekend.

Our cameras captured several gym members finding the unwelcome news as they walked to the entrance. A two paragraph note pasted to the gym’s front door stated that the landlord asked Gold’s Gym to vacate, with no further explanation given for the sudden shutdown. The notice also stated that all automatic bank drafts for monthly memberships will be stopped, but some members countered that claim on our website.

“They withdrew my monthly membership today,” said one user who identified themself as a gym member.”  “Yes they are taking money out of accounts, they were not canceled!”

So if your account is being charged, how can you stop it? Better Business Bureau spokesman Belinda McCormick said the best proof is pictures.

“What I would suggest is they get a copy of that photo that shows the note on the door, that it’s closed and all,” said McCormick. “Take it to a bank, get the bank to help you with an affidavit to stop that draft from coming out, because they’ve got to have a reason to justify the permission you’ve already given.”

WHNT News 19 has left several messages with the Gold’s Gym corporate office in Texas since yesterday, but none of those calls have been returned. There’s no further details on why the gym closed or if it will ever reopen.


  • Michael Kewl says:

    Giving any institution direct access to your bank account is always foolish and this can be the result….

  • JimTC says:

    Same thing 4 years ago — 12-11-2009 — when Don’s Gym, a few doors from Gold’s, closed its doors — note on door, no advance warning. That day, I would have paid monthly Don’s dues — by check, not ACH debit. Saved myself $29. If you got an ACH debit from Gold’s and have online banking, SCREEN CAPTURE THE TRANSACTION AND PRINT IT. Ditto for 12-13-2013 sign on Gold’s door — Google “Gold’s Gym Huntsville Closed” — you’ll find it at Fox 54 video segment.

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