Alabama’s Two AJ’s

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (CNN)- Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron befriended fellow student AJ Starr not only because they share the same first name, but because Starr taught McCarron about friendship.

McCarron was inspired by Starr, getting him a job on the team and a chance to form a relationship with the Crimson Tide.


    • Meredith

      The Heisman isn’t about integrity….. If so Tre Mason would’ve won it. It’s about who plays th best. You’d think bama would have more then 1 heisman with all the national championships they claim to have. Auburn has 3! WDE! Also if it was about integrity tell the bama fans not to throw away their collegiate gear after they lose to Auburn and then go around killing each other for losing the game.

      • dbridg

        Actually the mission statement of the Heisman Trophy does include a clause about integrity. The shooting you mentioned also did not occur because elf the loss of the game. How about showing a little class and integrity by doing a little research before you type next time.

      • Miller

        The reason we have only 1 Heisman is because we do not need to rely on 1 player to carry our team like the barners do. We spread the wealth around with so many great athletes. We don’t claim all the National Championships, we know we have won them. You would think you booger eaters would take winning with some class, but since you are not used to winning we very classy Alabama fans understand how confused and ignorant you all are!!!

      • Larry

        Meredith, Aubarn has no integrity. That’s why they’ve been on probation multiple times for paying their players, and they’re still paying them today. Unfortunately Scam Newton got away with it because the NCAA is a joke and cannot subpoena anyone or do forensic accounting. They can only bust a school when someone comes forward, as Eric Ramsey did with recordings of Pat Dye and others detailing an intricate pay for play scheme. This has been Aubarn’s only way to win. Their national championship in 1957 was won while they were on probation. Probation for what? For paying their players. And as Terry Bowden detailed, they were still doing this while they were on probation in the early 90’s. So Aubarn should have gotten the NCAA death penalty. I know you guys have been real bitter lately with Alabama’s success, but you need to get over your hate. You have to luck out to beat good teams even with your cheating.

  • Esther

    Great story and makes me proud to be an Alabama Alumn…. But guys pay him too….we can afford to and can’t afford not to!!

  • Constance Wadlington

    This is a beautiful story. AJ McCarron is quite a wonderful young man. His friend, AJ, is great, too. I love that beautiful smile that he always has, despite his circumstances. It’s great that McCarron was able to make his dream of being with the team a reality. I agree with Esther, though. He should be paid for his work. However, I doubt that he cares a bit about the pay issue. I know that in the end, he will get his.

  • hydea

    that great because Aj McCarron did something that no one thought of like other people donot help people like he but the other AJ he was a fan of he that was sweat i think AJ McCarron was sweeat and helping that was something care

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