Moldy Food and Sewage Spoil Appetites

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Cajun Café & Catering at 704 Hwy 231 in Lacey's Spring: Score of 81

  • Tank full, sewage on ground.
  • Complete approved course within 120 days.

Evergreen at 2350 Florence Blvd. in Florence: Score of 84

  • Unmarked cleaner labeled.
  • Food with mold discarded.
  • Personal drink removed.

Mei Wei Asian Diner at 6290 University Drive in Huntsville: Score of 79

  •  Raw chicken was 54F and raw beef was 62F.
  • Open employee drinks were on prep surfaces and also stored above food on a wire shelf.

Golden Spoon Award:

Starbuck's Coffee at 301 Sparkman Drive in Huntsville: Score of 99


  • mega78

    Why do fast food restruants not keep there restruants clean? Anybody with common sense knows that certain foods have to be at a certain temp when cooking and when storing food. In my opinion if the restruant score is below a 90 They should be closef down for 60 days and they should also have to pay a fine of no more than $1,500 because thats a health problem.

  • Kathy Bazzell

    Normally, if you just go into these businesses restroom, you can tell whether or not it is a safe business to have a meal. Always look for the ratings when you enter and if you don’t see them, ask before you sit down for a meal.

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