Meet Guntersville’s Dancing Man, Foster Ayers

Posted on: 12:07 pm, December 11, 2013, by , updated on: 12:52pm, December 11, 2013

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)–  Everyone simply knows him as Guntersville’s Dancing Man.  His real name is Foster Ayers.  The 75-year-old has been dancing his way down streets in the city for several years now.

He recently told the Guntersville Advertiser-Gleam that classic rock is his favorite music to listen to, but that it hurts his legs.

We caught up with Ayers outside of Walgreens, where you’ll often see him. However, he walks and dances all over town.

He listens to the beat through his headphones.  We added in ‘Walk This Way’ by Aerosmith to this video just for fun.



  • putter says:

    Great story! I see him all over town.

  • shawna says:

    He also likes disco! It’s one of his favorites too! Sweethearted man if anyone ever gets the chance to chat. He is an Inspiration!

  • Barbara Boyles says:

    He gives me such inspiration every time I see him!! I miss his dog that danced with him, but I am sure he misses him more!!

  • Noel Roe Albertville says:

    he’s a special individual. i see him just about everyday at my job and when i don’t see him i get worried about him. i have talked to him many times. he is a great story teller too. he told me he likes dancing to the fifties the most. the dancing man

  • Bizzy says:

    He makes my day better when I am driving and I see him. He is always dancing no matter what. Such a great guy always happy…

  • I see him a lot he has to be a healthy man,may God bless him more

  • Kelley says:

    I talked with him often while I worked fast food in guntersville. Hes the sweetest man I knew and made going to work worth it!

  • Everytime I see him, it puts a smile on my face.

  • jamison-jones says:

    see, thats the problem! the man is probably on cocktail of medications plus some other stuff!! you know, if you aint breaking the law or being a nuisance you are well, DELIRIOUS!! GET THE MAN SOME HELP!!!

  • Amber says:

    @ Jamison….or maybe just maybe he has Jesus on his heart and has a reason to be happy! So much negativity, there are still good people in the world! Don’t be so judgemental, stop and talk to him one day and see for yourself what kind of person he is! I always smile when I see him and I like to believe he is just happy that Jesus is in his heart! :)

  • I’m so excited to see so many positive comments. At 75, people should be able to sing in stores and dance on the streets. I’m 44 and had a heart attack last spring (80% blockage/2 stents)….Paleeeze!!! Some of us are closer to “the end” than others…if we want to sing and dance, just allow us to be happy because we’re celebrating life. Whenever I wake up and I’m breathing, I know I can be a mom to my boys, a wife to my sweet husband , a daughter to my awesome Mom, a very entertaining sister to my siblings, a volunteer for my kids school, a Scout Leader for my son’s Cub Scouts, a nursery worker at my church, a substitute teacher, a PTA representative and a political activists for many different causes……..then it’s a good day!….Peace, Love and Joy to you Mr. Dancing Man!!!!!!

  • Ray Y says:

    I love watching him dance in them grey sweatpants!

  • It great to have joy! Some people just don’t see what joy can make you do. He know how to put the two step in those walking shoes.

  • This man inspires me. I love that he cares not what the naysayers think. He is happy and healthy and I hope to be able to dance down the street when I am 75 years old! More power to ya Foster!

  • Michael Brown says:

    He brings a smile to my face when I’m feeling low.Thanks Dancing Man

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