Adorable Apology Comes with Serious Reminder

Posted on: 8:19 pm, December 11, 2013, by , updated on: 08:20pm, December 11, 2013


STREETSBORO, Ohio — The Streetsboro Police Department shared a child’s adorable apology while also reminding residents about a serious issue.

The message was written in what appeared to be blue highlighter and was featured on the department’s Facebook page over the weekend.

It read:

“Dear Officer,

I’m really sorry I called you for no reason.  Thank you for NOT taking me to jail.  I’m really sorry and WON’T EVER DO IT AGAIN I PROMISE.”

The child had accidentally called 911 from a disconnected cell phone.

“Cell phones, even without service or minutes, will still make calls to 911. Parents, please be aware of this, in the event you let your child play with your old phone,” the department wrote.

Streetsboro police also said they appreciated the letter.

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  • Sue says:

    The apology is very sweet! However yes- calling 911 is serious since it is for emergency and very busy. The child probably was surprised it really worked being disconnected and was playing.

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