Looking to go digital with holiday greetings? Here are e-card options

Posted on: 5:01 am, December 10, 2013, by

(Image Credit: Paperlesspost.com)

(Image Credit: Paperlesspost.com)

More Americans appear to be embracing digital greetings around Christmas. According to AmEx, 34 percent of those surveyed plan to send holiday messages through email and 24 percent will simply post to Facebook.

If you’re one of those going modern with your cards, here are a couple of options to help you spread the good will:

Paperless Post – A collection of holiday cards, with or without photographs. Prices vary based on the complication of the design.

Red Stamp – A free app, allowing you to create and send holiday cards from your mobile device. Upload photos from your camera roll, choose a template, write a message and then press send to distribute through email, social networks or text.

Holiday Cards Tracker – Keep track of the cards you send and receive with this iOS app for $3. It syncs with your device’s address book and can even connect with a printer to generate labels.