Auburn Officially Headed to BCS Title Game, Alabama Sugar Bowl Bound

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PASADENA, Ca. (WHNT)  The Auburn Tigers miracle season continued Sunday night with an official bid to the BCS National Championship in Pasadena, California at the Rose Bowl.   The Tigers, ranked number two, will take on number one ranked Florida State January 6.

Meanwhile, number 3 ranked Alabama will head to New Orleans to face the Oklahoma Sooners January 2nd in the Sugar Bowl.  It will be the Crimson Tide’s 14th trip to the Sugar Bowl.   Their last appearance came at the end of the 2008 season.

Auburn won the SEC Championship Saturday over Missouri 59-42.  The Tigers trip to Pasadena will be the first time the team has ever played inside the Rose Bowl.


    • You-know-who

      We are well aware. Since when has it died down. Not since the Iron Bowl And Im sure we knew it would come to an end sooner or later. All of Bama Nation was just hoping for later. But I am happy for Auburn and wish them luck in January.

    • Bama Fan

      We lose won game and people act like we had this awful season….1 game in how many. Our dynasty is far from over.

  • Joseph

    I beg to differ. it never ended. 15 championships through the years, we have established a dynasty and a tradition of excellence. in addition, to be outclassed by Auburn, who the previous year was a laughing stock and made a Herculean effort to rebuild a winning program, isn’t an insult to real Tide fans.
    we have proven that Alabama is not only a team to be wary of, we have established that only, ONLY a SEC team can beat us. (then again, teams like Ohio State can’t afford to face us.)

  • Waymon

    I am happy, but ‘draughter see BAMA-AUBURN, or BAMA-FSU, and of course Pasadena would rather have seen BAMA-FSU! Ok, AUBURN, let’s keep the trophy in the State of Alabama!

  • Amy

    It doesn’t matter who won or lost in the Alabama/Auburn game. The main objective is that the SEC Championship remained in the state of Alabama. This is proving that the state of Alabama has some wonderful football players in all areas of the state.

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