Former Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy Indicted on Theft Charges

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Madison County Sheriff's Office said a former deputy has been indicted on theft charges.

Former deputy Shawn McClure was indicted on charges of second-degree receiving stolen property and second-degree theft.

"It is our responsibility to address criminal activity wherever it occurs," Sheriff Blake Dorning said Friday. "It doesn't matter where it occurs. Nobody is above the law."

On November 5th, Investigator Shawn McClure ended his 12-year career at the Madison County Sheriff's Office.  He handed in his resignation as an internal investigation probed into whether he had participated in any wrongdoing.

In a case that hits close to home, investigators say they show no leniency within their own ranks.

"At times you have people who aren't going to do the right thing and when they don't it's our job to - whether they're in law enforcement or not in law enforcement - to arrest, convict, and take care of them. Get them off the streets. If they're not doing right, we're going to take care of it," said Sheriff Dorning.

McClure faces two charges - receiving stolen property and theft of property.

Sergeant Brian Chaffin would not reveal if the accused thefts occurred while McClure was on the job, but he was employed when the theft did occur.

A warrant has been issued for McClure's arrest, but investigators hope he will turn himself in.

Investigators say at this point they cannot make a judgment call on whether these charges could impact any of the cases McClure worked on as an investigator in the past.


      • Anonymous guy

        I surely hope that the guy didn’t take government property & post it on ebay for personal profit…that would be so very dumb. If he actually did that then that makes me doubt his ability as an officer…especially an investigator. If didn’t possess the foresight to see the risks in what he was doing then that probably meant he was not a very advanced thinker. Its best to have intelligent folks working in law enforcement but the pay often times is unable to keep employees who are able to earn more money elsewhere.

    • rocky

      The stolen property is indeed that of Home Land Security, paid for in full by we the people. Since this man has been the HLS Agent for this area for several years now, I’ll wager the investigation hasn’t been much of a mind bogler. “Can you say fall guy”? Did anyone notice the dark circles under the eyes of Investigator Chaffin? Wonder what’s keeping him awake nights? .

  • Mrs. Rogers

    When McClure was an investigator he called me and threatened me with arrest for emailing my son Thanksgiving Wishes in Texas when there was no existing restraining order. He could never produce papers to back up his actions to the Madison County magistrate. If he uses his badge to earn money on the side by threatening lonely old ladies and lie, then he can also steal. I hope the truth about him comes out and justice is done!

  • Walt D.

    Really Dorning “nobody is above the Law”? 1. Chris Stephens getting stopped for DUI several times, committing Thefts, doing illegal drugs, pawning his duty weapon, filing false reports because he forgot were he parked his county car while of course he was Drunk. 2. What about John Hall Selling those stolen Cell phones a few years back?

    Blake Dorning needs to come clean and quit lying to the Public every time he opens his mouth.

  • John

    McClure assisted in the investigation for my home burglary that occurred on 2/27/13. Now I have to wonder if my investigation was handled properly.

  • Michael Kewl

    Is anyone really surprised that our elected officals when able to have direct access to our tax-cash or other properties will “line their own pockets” at our expense??? Now what about the Chief Deputy?

    Just refresh your memory with all of the many indictments of elected & appointed public officials this past year here in North Alabama!

    Now imagine how many more are undected and/or unaduited that have our money in their portfolio’s…

  • Red

    I wonder if he sat in the drunk tank for 6 hours while his paperwork was being “processed”, sitting next to a filthy toilet, brought food to eat there in that same room while the door to the cell is SLAMMED everytime it is closed… for effect by the smug officers. I wonder if he changed into his orange jumpsuit in a little room with a half inch of urine standing in the floor, then had his ankles chained together to be duck-walked back to a room to perform the “squat-n-cough”, then escorted to a crowded holding cell with all the DV and simple pot possession offenders and a few violent offenders, issued his plastic “boat” as a bed and given his urine stained 1.5 inch mattress to “sleep” in while other inmates wander around freely 24 hours per day. I wonder…?

  • William Billy

    Got to wonder how and why the law is above the law? The Sheriff, being the highest law enforcement officer in the county, needs to disapline his deputies? Obviously his department is out of control…and has been for years.

  • josh

    Please keep in mind the man hasnt been convicted yet. Other Deputies have been investigated and charged for political reasons. There are some deputies in the Sheriff Dept. who arent above trying to “railroad” others to get ahead or make themselves look good. There is alot of backstabbing going on in Law enforcement.

  • Billy

    I agree with you! It goes on in other Departments in north Al. also. The public is so quick to crucify law enforcement Officers when they are accused, when a allot of good Officers have put up with so much so little pay.

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