Killen ISO Fire Rating Drops To 4

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Killen Fire Department

KILLEN, Ala. (WHNT) – Residents may not notice that something in their everyday life has changed, but a significant event has happened in the town of Killen.

Town leaders have been notified the hard work by many has dropped the fire ISO rating for its citizens.

It’s a mark thousands of fire departments strive for across the country, but few can attain.

The number drops even lower when it comes to volunteer fire departments like Killen.

“Being a small town especially with a volunteer work force, once you get below that 5 mark in the grading process it becomes very hard to achieve,” explained Fire Chief Trent Putman.

The Insurance Services Organization has recently given the town of Killen a rating of 4, with 1 being the best of the best.

Chief Putman credits the hard work of his volunteers, the 911 operators who dispatch them, and the Florence Water Department who has worked to improve water supplies in Killen.

“Once you get there you have to stay there and hopefully maintain that rating which is a task in itself,” stated Putman. “You can’t just sit still and hope that you are stay there, you have to continue to improve just to maintain that.”

According Chief Putman, after a department passes the threshold of 5, insurance rates for residents will not be affected.

But Putman said, the residents have the assurance they are being served with quality fire protection.

Chief Putman said to lower the rating down even further would be a task, but he is not ruling out the chance.

In comparison, the city of Florence is also rated at an ISO level of 4.

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