Deli Meat on a Dirty Box

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

New China Buffet at 207 Jordan Lane in Huntsville: Score of 83

  • Raw shell eggs were 54F, and cooked noodles were 47F.
  • Several employee drinks were improperly stored.

A & D Food Mart at 19230 East Limestone Road in Athens: Score of 68

  • Cleaners on prep table.
  • Damaged Fryer Baskets and Cutting Board.
  • Can opener needs cleaning.
  • Opened drinks in display cooler.

Craig Grocery at 20462 Huntsville Brownsferry Rd in Tanner: Score of 73

  • Meat slicer, butcher block and scales not clean and sanitized.
  • Deli meat in direct contact with a dirty cardboard box.
  • Hands not properly washed and hands dried on common towel.
  • Bare-hand contact with deli meat and cheese.

Golden Spoon:

Mentone Inn at 6139 Alabama 117 in Mentone: Score of 100

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