Did Auburn’s Chris Davis step out? Petition started online to play overtime


Chris Davis grabbed a victory for Auburn in the 2013 Iron Bowl when he ran Alabama’s missed field goal back for a touchdown.

Or did he?

The play some are calling the greatest ever in college football is getting fresh attention online and through social media, as people debate whether it was legal.

As AL.com reports, at least one fan has started an online petition on Change.org – pushing for overtime to be played.

As of 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3rd more than 700 people had signed the petition, started by T C of Hoover.

At the same time, images of Davis’ run down the edge of the football field are circulating on social media, some with a big red circle (like the one re-posted below after being posted to the WHNT News 19 Facebook page) purportedly showing the alleged step out.

It’s not clear where the photos, including the one below, originated or whether they may have been digitally altered in some way.

Screengrab of an image allegedly showing Chris Davis' step out, posted to WHNT News 19's Facebook page.

Screengrab of an image allegedly showing Chris Davis’ step out, posted to WHNT News 19’s Facebook page.

For contrast, here’s video of the run:

Here’s also another, better, angle of Davis’ run from above, showing more distance between him and the edge of the field.


What do you think? Did Davis step out of bounds? Should overtime for the game be played? Share your comments here.


    • JChapin

      This is a stupid video…why didn’t you show the video taken from the end zone that shows Davis running up the sideline. It clearly shows he did NOT step out…Bama fans are hard loosers…time to get a life and get on with it…

    • David Burroughs

      Let it go as the game is over. Win and lose with class. We have accomplished more than most teams.
      Continue the support in the future.

    • footballfan33

      I’m not a bama or auburn fan but no one can say that it was CLEAR that he did not step out of bounds. He was VERY close in the replay and it was hard to tell. It is possible that he stepped out of bounds but without a different camera angle we’ll never know. Nothing clear about it in my opinion

  • Terralea Collins

    Ya know, I was wondering about that myself. The camera did not show from this angle on TV but it did look very sketchy. It was sure exciting though the most talked game on all the major networks and after I watched the UC vs USC game and they kept talking about it too.

    • Chris Howard

      Yes he stepped out of bounds I dnt think I know so for the ones who think just watch the video, alabama is still the best in college football and the bcs want be the same if the tide is not rolling!!.

    • JLynn

      u r surely right Connie-Bama fans need to accept the loss-and, if the persons replying that Davis stepped out of line don’t you think that would surely been questioned at that time? It’s just a matter that some persons can’t accept the fact that one coach out-coached the other-congrats Coach Gus! Saban, you’re def good coach but surely one that accept what happened and surely if there had been a question that Davis was out of bounds, you would have seen that or one of your assistants would have-people, quit making such a big deal!! I’m member of one of the divided families-I’m for the Tide when they play anyone else besides Bama but for the Tigers when they play “big Al”

  • Ryan Coburn

    I think this is hilarious. Of course a typical bama fan would start something like this, I understand there are pride issues but this beats everything. There were at least 3 officials around the vacinity of the play they knew what was at stake in this game they would not allow this to happen and let the game end if he was out of bound any picture can be altered now so if someone is still talking about the game it ridiculous there were officials there they saw it it’s Alabamas fault they wanted that “1 second” back

    • Joe Griffith

      Step out of bounds or not the game is over and we need to move on and worry about the next game. Alabama was the better team, they just didn’t show up to play and Auburn did, Shouldn’t have come down to that play to start with, Just be thankful for what Alabama has down and keep your faith. Alabama can’t win every game. No one will ever do what Alabama has done so far, when is another team gonna win 3 out of 4 national titles.

  • Dee Walker

    This is clearly not a shot from the actual Alabama vs Auburn game…
    1st-the actual game was broadcast from CBS not ABC shown in lower right hand corner,,,,2nd- the people standing on the sideline in this picture are not the actual people from the original game….just another ploy to try to start chaos over the game. Anyone can go to ESPN and watch the clip numerous times to see this picture is NOT an actual picture from the game….geeeeez

  • Sherri Laughlin Ashley

    I was staying up in front of the TV after the failed FG attempt, then the run-back by Auburn, I told my husband, hey he just stepped out, but no flag was thrown, everyone came running on the field Coach Saban started walking across field to shake hands so I turned off the TV. No we can take a loss if it is legal, but I questioned it right when it happened, then put it in the back of my mind until I saw this article..

      • Jeff Stuckey

        you can actually see the jump in the frame where someone moved his left foot back to the field. His left heel was down by any standards in any case in this video.

        Like I said. It is case closed he was out of bounds. Tons of photographic evidence but the officials made the right call not overturning. There would have been a riot. The Alabama team was already running for the locker room because they were being stormed by both Auburn players and fans who were mocking them and flipping them off.

        It was a game made great from Auburns perspective by Alabama having a bad day. I would be ecstatic as an Auburn fan with this win but you should not fool yourselves into thinking you are giant slayers.

        The greatest football game ever played would be if by a miracle FSU and OSU lost, Auburn miraculously beats Missouri and Alabama and Auburn meet in the National Championship game.

        If that happened they could just stop playing College Football afterward because there would NEVER EVER be a greater game played in the future.

    • Stephanie

      If you turned off the t.v then it’s safe to say you didn’t see the replays from every possible angle including the step by step one that showed he was clearly in bounds.

    • Auburnalumni92

      I agree, so this should make you feel better about the loss. I would hate it too if I thought I was cheated out of a win, but Auburn won fair. This really shows him going straight down the line. I hope that the this state can come together and be better fans for our children because all of this is ridiculous. Allow Auburn to enjoy their win it is well deserved.

  • Ray Schwarzburg

    I know and work with some True and nice Alabama fans but, what I don’t understand it why is it that “some fans can not accept the fact that they facer a better team and got bear.” Also, their coach did make some bad calls. If Davis had stepped out of bounds, surely the ref. or someone on the sideline on even one of the Alabama players would have seen it. I feel that it was a good game and both teams played a great game but, there can only be one winner.

  • John Nelson

    Game is over and Alabama did not play well enough to win. I would feel better if the officials had reviewed the play like all other touchdowns. It was close and one camera angle can be deceiving. Can Channel 19 check with the SEC to get an official response to this controversy?

  • Lora B

    I agree with Connie H as well. I am an Auburn. I know lots of Bama fans who down right cry & get mad if they lose. Come on, what are we teaching our children? The need to learn how to lose gracefully.

  • Marie

    It happened so fast- it was close, can’t deny that. I think the officials should look at the replay and decide. If you say oh Alabama fans are sore losers then you are judgmental cause we already accepted the loss.

    • ATLfan

      Are you people reading your comments and seeing how psychotic you sound? GEEZ!!! What a bunch of sore losers!

  • Terry

    Photo there looks photoshopped. Where are the hash marks? Roll Tide all the way. Auburn showed up to play ball, Bama didn’t. FG attempt should not have been what determined a Bama win. They were up 2 TDs right before half and let Auburn tie it with 2 plays. Hope Auburn beats Missouri for the SEC and I hope that FSU and/or OSU will loose.

  • Glenn

    I am an Alabama fan so what if he steeped out of bounds the game should not have been that close we lost ok so what it has been a good run we can’t win every game every year auburn wanted it more that is the first game I have seen since Saban been there that alabama got out played and out coached but it still a good year far as the petition going around that is dumb Auburn took our wrath the last two years now we have to take there’s it is no big deal dang and it is really that deep but Roll Tide Always

  • Angelia W. Connor

    It seems he stepped out of bounds. I think the officials was probably running for their lives. All those Auburn fans rushed onto the field is such a high school move. Alabama fans would have never rushed on the field. Grow up Auburn fans.

    • Stacy

      Grow up Auburn Fans???? Have you not been reading some of the cry baby posts on here from actual adult Alabama fans??? Before you jump, I am not a fan of either team! I am mutual and Alabama is a sore loser!

  • Nakisha Mays

    I am a die hard Bama fan and my husband is die hard auburn. I think bama fans need to learn a little bit of class. Auburn clearly won the game and deserves it. I hope they win the SEC and go all the way to Nationals. I don’t say this alot but War Eagle!

  • nick dukes

    Guys and gals Im not genius but look at the photo you can clearly see that the photo has been altered. Look at the photo Chris Davis leg looks like its breaking in half where the circle meets his leg. Like I said Im no genius but be good sports ppl. War Eagle.

  • Thomas W

    We lost not on that play you could pick many plays where Alabama did not play anywhere good enough to win. What if you take out all of the plays except the 99 yd pass could there have been holding, pass interference on Alabama. We’ll get over it just give us time for or wounds and pride to heal. Roll Tide. Can’t wait till next year. Now Auburn go Finnish what you have started the best ball is in the SEC and the bet football in the SEC is in the State of Alabama

  • Michael

    It’s awfully important to win with humility. It’s also important to lose. I hate to lose worse than anyone, but if you never lose you won’t know how to act. If you lose with humility, then you can come back. Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant.

  • Precious

    All Alabama fans wanted was 1 second well they got what they wanted now that they were beat by their own means they want it again!! They talked about Johnny Football CRY N !!! They showed pictures all over the web now look at them!!! ROLL TEARS ROLL!!!

  • Adam

    Alabama fans need to learn how to take a loss. We need to start with this one especially because Im afraid when Nick Saban leaves for Texas we will be losing a lot more. Plus we should also take into realization that since Paul Bear Bryant left Alabama, Auburn has beat us more times than we have beat them. Come on you people quit making us look like stupid inbreeders like the rest of the nation thinks we are and let it go.

  • Corey

    Pretty sure someone forgot to look at this photo and realize the player running in it is wearing 41, where as Davis is 11. Photoshop will fool several people.

  • randel

    i can photoshop this picture again and make it look like he’s running down the middle of the field if it will make you bammer fan feel any better. no wonder bama fan’s are the most hated fan’s in collage football, bunch a whinner’s

  • Carrie Wright

    I don’t usually watch football, but I watched this game with my family, and when that player caught the ball and ran down that field, I thought he was going to run out of bounds, but he didn’t. His feet were on the inside of the white line, granted just barely, but it was all the way.

  • Heather

    I’m an alabama fan and I wish we could get a redo but the game is over and it’s final. This photo is fake. Chris Davis wears number 11, that picture is of number 41.

    • Christopher

      I will tell you the same thing that I did Corey. Look again. The four you perceive is actually his white glove. We can tell you are not an official…

  • Jimmy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUeEqfgJqIY Watch this video between 16 seconds 17 seconds mark on the video. His left foot is up and his right heal is out of bounds. I admit Auburn played a great game but when a game is this important and so much was riding on it the refes should have reviewed this more closely. I know Coach Saban could not see it but others could see it clearly. This run should have been called back and the game went into overtime. Auburn may have won in overtime they have a good team this year but fair is fair.

    • Jeff Stuckey

      It was confirmed that the play was out of bounds but not overturned on reviewed because fans had rushed the field and and it was decided there was no safe way to clear the field of play.

      I think Auburn would have won overtime but it is confirmed that he did in fact step out of bounds right in front of the Auburn bench as he avoided the last Alabama player who had a shot at him. There are several still photos and the game video itself shows him step out.

      BTW, he was not just a little out of bounds. He was an entire foot out of bounds.

      I do not think there is any way the field could have been cleared and probably the review officials made the correct call by not trying to do so. Also, Auburn almost certainly would have won the overtime.

      It was a truly magical moment but I have to admit that knowing he stepped out of bounds does take some of the magic out of it for me.



  • GaryPost

    It is Davis #11 however, it’s his glove that makes it look like a 4. Nonetheless, he did NOT step out. ROLL TEARS ROLL.

  • Sybil

    I love Alabama football but the game is over, we lost, let Auburn enjoy their win, the Tide will be back, but until then Auburn has the bragging rights. All this negativity just makes us Alabama fans look like a bunch of spoiled brats with no class and the majority of us aren’t, I’ve seen many Alabama fans congratulating the Auburn fans, this is the way it should be. I love going back and forth kidding but too many people are taking this to the extreme, it’s all suppose to be fun, it’s not a life and death situation. Please don’t judge us by a few idiots, there’s always a few bad apples in a bunch

  • marsha cole

    While watching the game as it happened I told my daughter he stepped out of bounds but she said no offical saw it or would call it. I wanted a replay right then but by that time everyone was already on the field. I think it’s time we move on. My Tide will Roll again

  • mandyr

    If this had been the other way around and the shoe was on Auburns foot then tbey would be doing the same thing! This game had too much riding on it for them to miss this call! He clearly stepped out i saw it when it happened during the game and was like the flipping refs didnt even throw the flag

  • Tonya

    If you watch it with the angle from the rear, his heel never came down and he was not out of bounds.Besides, aren’t all touchdowns reviewed in college football? I am a Bama fan and sure, I wish things had happened differently. But they didn’t. It’s time to let it go.

  • katie

    There was a ref on the sidelines that saw the whole thing and if he had gone out there would have been a flag. War Eagle!

  • Michael Harrison

    I have seen the replay, even though it appears that he stepped out, it also clearly shows that he doesn’t put his heel down. I think I may click the link and give them a piece of my mind.

    • Melinda

      The ending of the game has been played 500 times over. Lou Holtz actually highlighted his feet. He never stepped out of bounds! And if he stepped out of bounds, why would the flipping refs throw a flag? It wouldn’t be a penalty. Shows some peoples intelligence. If you don’t understand, keep your mouth shut.

  • Phil J

    I can’t believe Channel 19 is doing this it’s called 34-28 GAME OVER
    Alabama fans Ya’ll are nothing but babies, Alabama played flat that whole game… let’s bring on Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone including Alabama fans…….WAR EAGLE!!!!

  • Michael Kewl

    Poor Alabama…you paid for the 1 sec in so many ways already that you have to claim this???

    Can your arrogance not be tempered to accept your Coach’s shame in his bad decisions???

  • johnny

    The man that started this petition must have had big money riding on this game and wants a chance to get it back. Auburn won and he just needs to suck it up and take the lost

  • Adam

    Everyone needs to quit generalizing and stereo-typing Alabama Fans.
    That being said, the same thing goes with Aubrun fans.
    Both sides have sore losers and both sides have unsportsman like winners. I have seen some childish and arrogant Auburn Fans come out of the wood works with this win but I know not all Auburn Fans are like that.

    Now, as an Alabama Fan, let me start off by congratulating Auburn on a victory that they deserved, not because “Alabama didn’t show up” or because “Alabama handed it over to them” but because they won fair and square. I never trash talked, I knew from the beginning it would be close, and that is exactly what I wanted. There had to be a winner and it was Auburn this year. I don’t think he went out of bounds, and at this point it doesn’t matter. Turnovers, missed field goals, and penalties are part of it and what make it a football game. Alabama just got out played this year.

    I yell Roll Tide first, and now, War Eagle! Hopefully they will get to play for the championship. Keep it in the state, boys!

    Of course there isn’t anything wrong with hoping, both, Florida State AND Ohio State lose for a chance to see an Iron Bowl Part 2 ;)

    I know it’s as much of a long shot as that last field goal attempt Alabama made…

    You gotta be able to poke fun at yourself everyone once in a while!

  • aubieal0878

    Alabama crying for a “do over” because they lost and the other team, Auburn, won…their coach saban wanted 1 sec. back on the clock, and started this chain of events. No video shows Chris Davis out of bounds that I’ve seen, it’s just Alabama trying to make it look that way in their unsportsmanlike minds. No official saw Davis as out of bounds.
    The game is over.
    Auburn won, Alabama lost.
    Rematch 2014, leave the sides of beef at home and bring a better attitude!
    Love, The Auburn Familyxx

  • Gbama13

    RTR!!!! It is what it is! Bama had every chance to put the game away and did not! And too the ones that say bama fans are cry babies, bama fans aren’t use to losing like AUBUM. So when bama loses it is a little hard to take. We all know y’all are use to it. We count championships not wins!! RDT!!!

  • kenneth

    from a die hard alabama fan, auburn beat us get over it, everyone else did when we beat them tire is allways next year thats what the iron bowl is all about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuf said

  • Grow Up

    Look if people would look at the actual game footage ahead and compare to the ( out of bounds) you can clearly tell it is not correct! The image is either doctored or from a different game all together! It was a great game played by both sides but someone was going to loose. War Eagle!

  • Robin Jones

    yall bama fans quit crying, you know with your own eyes that he didnt step out bounds, really take the beat down and get over it

  • Stacy


    ‘Twas the night after Auburn and all through the land, not a “Roll Tide” was uttered by a Crimson Tide fan. They used to be boisterous, they used to be loud, they used to be boastful, and cocky and proud. But they lost all their swagger, they lost all their swing. For one little second had changed everything.

    The score it was even. The clock had run dry. When Nicholas Saban then started to cry. He demanded a second be put on the clock. The worse that could happen? A miss or a block. But fate it is fickle, and greed has a price, and what happened next just wasn’t too nice. The previous kicks, wide left and wide right. So he put in a rookie, ’twas not very bright.

    The kick was a boomer of 56 yards, but the extra yard needed was not in the cards. And back in the end zone a lone Tiger stood. He caught that ol’ football, he caught it real good. He started to run, he heard the cheers grow. The Crimson Tide offense? Too fat and too slow. One hundred and nine, he ran for a score. If needed, he could have run one hundred more.

    The crowd it erupted while storming the field. The Crimson Tide’s season was settled and sealed. A cry of “War Eagle” soon echoed the Plain. Nick Saban’s expression was one of pure pain.

    And up in Ohio they shouted “Go Bucks.” For it gave hope to all, well, except for the Ducks. And in Tuscaloosa you could hear a pin drop. And in Tallahassee a tomahawk chop. For the night after Auburn, the Tide has no clue. The new boss in town wears Orange and Blue!

    Author: Chuck Porretto

    I am not a fan of either side, so I can give a bias opinion. I watched the game from beginning to end due to the fact my son IS an Alabama fan. The boy did not step out of bounds. The loss was simply due to Saban making a huge mistake and error in judgement. Auburn’s coach simply “out coached” Saban on this day. He knew the kickers ability, so he put in his best runner at about the spot he figured the ball would land. He did this in full knowledge that Saban had his big blockers on the field to hold Auburn and give the freshman kicker his best shot at making a distance he has never hit before. The blockers are big and huge and do their job well, but that job is not running down someone as fast as Auburn had in place to receive the ball. They could not have run him down if someone tied a pork chop to his behind for incentive. Get over it Alabama, you lost! This is one of the main reason’s I do not support Alabama. It is not the school nor the team. It is the obnoxious fans that make me sick and turn me against my home state team. It was a good game, both teams played their hearts out, but in the end it was the decision of the coach that lost the game for the tide and the decision of the coach that won it for the tigers. Congratulations on a job well done!!

  • Chris

    As an Auburn student, I understand how hard it is to see your team lose after winning a national championship (or 2 in a row), but it has made going to games and being a fan of SEC football so much more enjoyable. I come from a family that’s divided between Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss and Georgia, so I understand rivalry, so game day in my household is pretty intense. There’s nothing worse than being a sore loser and protesting the results of the game. Yes I understand that Alabama fans are upset, but to go as far to petition the results of the game and post screenshots that are misleading is quite appalling. If you don’t believe me on that, look at this gif of the play http://s763.photobucket.com/user/ksjdhfskjdhf/media/2013-12-0122_58_41_zpsef1bd36b.gif.html it will show you that his foot is actually in the air in that picture that’s causing so much controversy.

  • Jenn

    You are ridiculous, WHNT. Now go find the ABC 33/40 video in slow motion that shows the entire run from this angle. His foot is in the air in this still shot and comes down in bounds. The link in the post above mine is good but there’s a better one floating around.

  • Wayne Davis

    So of these comments say it should have went into overtime. It is Nick Saban’s call to go for a field goal or take the game into overtime. The fact is it was one of the best Iron Bowl games ever. Alabama just got out played and the best team won.

  • K.J.

    WHNT you should be ashamed for stirring up useless controversy about a picture that is so obviously photoshopped. I thought you were the more honest of our local stations, but this has certainly made me change my view. Even the classy/honest AL fans have accepted the loss, and I would suggest you do the same.

  • Lulu

    Alabama fans. Just think of it like I do. It took a team from alabama to beat alabama. Let’s all remember that.

  • JIM

    We Alabama fans watch our team weather all the tough teams and to lose the last one is heartbreaking for us AJ and Nick but time to move on that one is history i.m proud of all our teeam has acomplished .ROLL TIDE

  • Tony

    Hickory, dickory dock,
    Ol’ Nick turned back the clock;
    From Bama’s toe
    came Aubie’s sco’
    Hickory, dickory dock.

  • Gbama13

    To the one that said you are allowed to step on the line. WRONG!!! If any part of the body touched any part of the out of bounds line , you are out of bounds. Wow!! I’m a die hard bama fan and yes it sucks we lost but we got beat. We got a lot to be proud of and remember we got the #1 recruiting class coming in again. The tide we roll again!!! RDT!!!

  • Tiani

    TV news stations create news now a days. They no longer report facts. They want the controversy. Yes I am an Auburn fan but I can say the comments I read on here from the bama fans. Well they have more class and accepted the loss.

  • MPullen

    This is so ridiculous. Only Alabama fans cannot accept defeat! WHNT and all you Bama fans questioning the play need to go to ESPN where the whole play is dissected. This play has been shown all over the nation and this is the only place this has been mentioned, except by other Bama fans. Auburn certainly did not play their best game, turnovers, dropped passes for touchdowns and we still beat the number one team. The number one team in the nation should have been able to get TD instead of field goals like Auburn did. Saban was out coached by Gus!! Be careful what you ask for??? Got a sec?? That is all it takes.

  • Ricky Moore

    He stepped out. No doubt. Auburn fans everywhere no he stepped out and just don’t want Bama to get a chance at overtime because they know we are gonna beat their brakes off. It’s sad how most people know yet they’re just scare to face Bama. Also, that was a freshman kicker kicking from 56 yards. If he’s made it. For a freshman to kick from that far and almost make it takes courage, something Auburn doesn’t have.

  • Zack Blackwell

    First off I am an Alabama fan, and secondly I didn’t watch the replay. Regardless if he stepped out of bounds or not, the game is over. There is no reason to go back and play an overtime. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. Only one loss on the season, most teams would kill for such a record. We should walk away with our heads held high, not grab ass at every possibility to make our loss anything less than a loss.

  • Patty

    Very disappointed that WHNT would even allow this kind of story. The picture that is being posted is definitely distorted. I would have to say that Michelle Stark is a poor loser?!

  • Kim Clinard

    This photo was digitally altered. Look at the photo, how close the guys on the sideline are to Davis. No where in the video are they that close when Davis is running down that stretch. Also notice around his foot how the white is not straight. Almost a good edit.

  • Madison City Girl

    He stepped out of bound!! I believe you Auburn fans would be scared if the overtime is allowed!! Everyone knows BAMA is way further better than Auburn!! If you Auburn fans are not scared and have that much confident in your team, then you wouldn’t be crying about the overtime petition!! Now who is really the cry babies in this picture!! Let’s have the overtime!!! Oh I forgot, the tigers LUCK won’t happen twice!! SCARDY KATS!!! I signed the petition. How dare you people blame NEWS Channel 19 for just informing the public about a petition?? They are doing what they do everyday… simply reporting NEWS!!! If you hate 19 news, then quit commenting on their news stories!!! Tune in to 48, 31, or 54, which ever your rabbit ears will pick up!! ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Stuckey

    It was confirmed that the play was out of bounds but not overturned on reviewed because fans had rushed the field and and it was decided there was no safe way to clear the field of play.

    I think Auburn would have won overtime but it is confirmed that he did in fact step out of bounds right in front of the Auburn bench as he avoided the last Alabama player who had a shot at him. There are several still photos and the game video itself shows him step out.

    BTW, he was not just a little out of bounds. He was an entire foot out of bounds.

    I do not think there is any way the field could have been cleared and probably the review officials made the correct call by not trying to do so. Also, Auburn almost certainly would have won the overtime.

    It was a truly magical moment but I have to admit that knowing he stepped out of bounds does take some of the magic out of it for me.

  • Chris Howard

    Yes he did are u all blind or wat, I think they should play again for over time, but even if the dnt we all know that the bcs not gone be the same without the tide!!!.

  • TideRolla

    I as an Alabama fan am ashamed of our crybaby fans! A petition??? Really??? We tell everyone that we “Win with Class” … It’s about time we learn to have some class in a LOSS…. that’s right crybabies… A LOSS! Congratulations Auburn! You won and deserved to win!

  • Robert Johnson

    As a Bama fan, he was clearly inbounds. Auburn deserved to win the game and I wish them the best. Who knows, maybe they could play again in the BCS Championship. Stranger things have happened!

  • Samantha Smith

    I am an Alabama fan. I wish Auburn all the best at the championship game. I also thought he was out of bounds and still do. However, I am not a referee, I am not an official of any kind, so it isn’t my place to say that. If the refs thought he was in, and the play was good, then I accept that as the truth. Alabama played a great game, tied it up and did their best. They failed that last play to a) do the correct play and b) block Auburn as they ran the play for the win. We cannot go back in time to change any of that. So I say again, I wish Auburn the best of luck and a win at the championship game. I bear no ill will against their team, coach or players. They played the game better than we did and they won. To all of you Alabama fans out there that are being sore losers, get a grip and a clue and a little acceptance. We gave it out best and they gave it their best and they outdid us. Get over it and move on.

  • Lisa

    I’m an Alabama fan. I don’t think the overtime of the game should be played whether he did or didn’t step out of bounds. Even if we went into overtime, Auburn still outplayed us on Saturday. The game over. Please let it go and let Auburn enjoy their victory and I will be cheering for them in the SEC championship game and I hope they get to go on to the National Championship game, where I will also continue to cheer for them. This is a bunch of young men, doing something that they love to do, and for some it was their last Iron Bowl and we are ruining it for them. There have been shootings, fighting, a lot of trash talk, and all over a football game!! Life is bigger than that. Why don’t you take that time you use complaining about the game and use it for something more constructive, like helping someone during the holidays or witnessing to someone about Jesus?? Just my honest opinion.

  • wendy flynt

    If people would only get this worked up over things that really matter like the direction this country is going I can only imagine how different things might be.
    You win some and you lose some. That is part of the game. Stop being sore losers and except defeat.

  • billy sanders

    The ncaa rule is that if any part of a persons body tochs out.of bounds he is out the front of his foot in the video shows he is out. I am a Bama fan. The picture given is digitally edited. But the point of the matter is Alabama beat themselves two touchdown advantage and we gave it up the game is over you can’t change the outcome no matter how many people sign a petition Bama lost and I wish the best of luck to the Auburn tigers.

  • John Craig

    I’m a Bama fan and we shot ourselves in the foot on almost every set of downs, however, Auburn got where they are on two miraculous game ending plays! You better have another, because Mizzou has two great pass rushers and a great offense. It will take a miracle for you to win on Saturday! I’m slightly prejudiced hoping Mizzou upsets you and MSU upsets OSU and Bama will be right back in the catbird seat!!

  • Sith Happens

    Missouri surely would have jumped Bama had they won the SEC title. Good luck at the Sugar Bowl. Too bad you didn’t get to stomp Oregon. At least you can make Stoops eat some crow.

  • Jen

    If it makes Bama fans feel better about losing to Auburn, let them think that this photo is real. It doesn’t matter at this point. Game over. Auburn wins. War Eagle! It is absolutely no surprise to me that Bama fans would react this way to a loss to Auburn. Any excuse that they can come up with to say that Auburn “got lucky” or that Auburn doesn’t deserve the win is completely expected. Get over yourselves, Bama. You were beat by a team that has climbed a mounted this season. They deserve every win.

  • Mike

    I think I would rather send Auburn to get rapped by FSU. The last BCS championship and all we will remember is FSU rapped there way there and Auburn cheated and faked injuries to get there. We all send such a great message to our children.

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