Local Fans Go Crazy with Shock and Celebration at Auburn’s Iron Bowl Win

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AUBURN, Ala. - If you're into SEC football, this weekend brought a play that fans for both teams in the Iron Bowl couldn't believe actually happened.

Just as surprising, perhaps, is how many cameras were turned on and filming die-hard fans glued to the screen trying to understand what just unfolded before their very eyes.

A quick search on YouTube will pull up quite a few moments of shock, celebration, and disgust, depending on which team the fans were cheering for.

The final play of the game was one no one saw coming and no doubt the most memorable.

With one second on the clock, Alabama attempts to kick a field goal.

The ball falls short of the goal post and into the arms of Auburn's cornerback Chris Davis.

He ran the ball back 109 yards for a touchdown and the 34-to-28 win.

Fans from Madison were in Myrtle Beach, Virginia on vacation and tuned into the game.

Once Davis reached the end zone, fans went berzerk.

That play put Auburn into the SEC championship.

Just last year, Alabama beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl 49 to 0.

Furthermore, there's a chance -- a slight chance -- that there could be another Iron Bowl.

It could play out in the National Championship game, if a few scenarios play out.

Florida State and Ohio State would both have to lose this weekend, and Auburn would have to win.

With that, Auburn would likely be ranked number 1, and Alabama would likely follow as number 2.   Then the two teams could face each other again.

It's unlikely, but, obviously strange things can happen.

Thanks to Donna and Karl Gullatte for the video of their family celebration!