BCS Breakdown: The National Title Hunt After The Iron Bowl


After this miraculous finish to the Iron Bowl, Alabama fans everywhere contemplated taking Monday as a sick day.

Meanwhile Auburn fans brought a Chris-Davis-esque skip in their step with them to work.

BCS Guru Wes Colley paid close attention for the obvious ranking implications, although he’s got another reason to appreciate the play,  “As a Georgia fan, I feel like I’ve been living with that 4th and 19 play on the plains on continuous loop.”

Now Auburn has a shiny new miracle to cherish.

But will it get them to the BCS Championship game?

Colley thinks it unlikely unless Florida State or Ohio State lose this weekend.

He thinks Auburn won’t get the backing of voters without it, no matter what the computers say about the season,”I have Auburn number one right now, but I think I’m the only computer that does, but I only get one-sixth of one-third of the say.  The voters get two-thirds of the say, so the voters will ultimately decide this.”

But what if Ohio State barely wins, and Auburn crushes in the battle of the tigers against Missouri.

Wouldn’t that be enough?

Not to Colley, “I just don’t think so.  It’s hard to imagine the voters pushing Auburn ahead of those two undefeated teams from big conferences that have some big wins on their resume.”

Of course, Missouri could still beat Auburn in the SEC Championship game, though they may not get the same favor for the win.

Colley says it could get tricky with a Missouri win.  One of the current top two would almost certainly have to lose to smuggle Mizzou into the BCS title game, “They’re a little worse off I think just because I think the voters have to respect Auburn a little bit more just for beating Alabama, which has dominated college football for the last two-point-nine seasons or however you want to look at it.”

Still, don’t count out the new tigers on the block.

Colley points out, “Missouri has had a very, very fine season, very close to being undefeated.  It somehow happened a little bit more under the radar.  I’m not really sure why it’s been under the radar.  I think it’s because we didn’t expect Missouri to do anything coming into the season.”

So when comparing the odds of Tigers and Tigers and Tide, there’s only one thing left to do.

“Just hold your breath,” says Colley, “It’s always interesting this last week of the season to see what happens.”


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