Ashes to… Turf? Cremated Remains Dumped on Auburn Field After Iron Bowl

Posted on: 2:35 pm, December 2, 2013, by , updated on: 02:48pm, December 2, 2013

AUBURN, Ala. (WHNT) – What we want done with our remains after we pass on. Though somewhat morbid, it’s a question that every adult has asked themselves at one time or another.  Those who choose to have their remains cremated sometimes choose to have those ashes scattered at a beloved location.

But what if your most beloved location is the football field of you favorite sports team? What if you had a relative with the guts to pull it off? That’s the situation the Auburn Tigers turf crew is facing right now.

The Auburn Turf Team tweeted this picture on Dec. 2. They say the gray dusty substance pictured is actually the ashes and bone fragments of a deceased person.

Auburn fans storm the field of  Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Auburn fans storm the field of Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Auburn upset then-number-one Alabama at Saturday’s Iron Bowl in dramatic fashion. A final second Alabama field goal attempt came up short, allowing Auburn Tiger Chris Davis to catch the live ball and return it for a game-winning touchdown. Ecstatic fans stormed the field, celebrating their victory.

It was during this storming of the field that the Auburn Turf Team believes that the ashes were dumped on the field.

So, how does the turn team know that the gray substance is indeed ashes? Well, The War Eagle Reader reports that this isn’t the first time remains have been dumped on the field.  The turf crew has had to deal with this before.

Though somewhat disrespectful and likely unsanitary, a die-hard Auburn fan couldn’t ask for a bigger moment in Auburn football history to have their remains placed on the gridiron of Jordan-Hare Stadium.


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