BREAKING: Auburn Upsets Alabama in Iron Bowl 2013

Auburn fans storm the field of  Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Auburn fans storm the field of Jordan-Hare Stadium.

AUBURN, Ala, (WHNT) – The Auburn Tigers have beat the Alabama Crimson Tide at The Plains in an incredible 2013 Iron Bowl game.

At stake in this game: A trip to the SEC Championship Game.  And, possibly, a trip to the BCS Championship.

The game was quite the back and forth match between the two teams.  Number one Alabama had quite the slow start to the game.  Number four Auburn capitalized on that and drew first blood.

Alabama found their groove and put 21 unanswered points on the board.  Both teams then went back and forth, ultimately tying up the game with seven seconds on the clock and Alabama in possession of the ball far down the field.

Alabama ran the ball in a last ditch effort to gain some yardage.  Running back T.J. Yeldon carried the ball, stepping out of bounds with less than one second left on the clock.  Alabama head coach Nick Saban pushed for a review, which ultimately put one second back on the clock.

Saban elected to go for a 57-yard field goal, but not with his regular kicker, Cade Foster.  Instead, redshirt freshman Adam Griffith took the field to attempt the long field goal.

Griffith came up short of the goal posts, where Auburn’s Chris Davis caught the live ball and ran back for a touchdown.

An improbable finish, for certain.  Auburn stole the game with no time left on the clock after Alabama head coach Nick Saban lobbied for that last second to be added to the clock.

There were a lot of turning points in this game.  Certainly, it will be one for the history books.

Auburn will go to Atlanta next weekend for the SEC Championship.


  • preacher

    Pride cometh before a fall mr. saban. Auburn is championship material, so they will go to Atlanta as true champions of the state of Alabama. Bama may be selected for a lower level bowl game, maybe. Amen..

    • Alafan

      Yes, Auburn won by another miracle but it takes more than continuous miracles to win a national championship and Auburn does not have the complete talent to do it. Yes Auburn, you will go to Georgia but Florida State will kick your A!!! I am an Alabama fan, and Alabama has sooooo much more talent…we did not have luck on our side last night..but that seems to be all Auburn has is 1 guy and lots of luck! I will enjoy watching FS put you back into your place little kitty!

  • Jim E Henson

    Where was the largest wagers on what team?and if that lost who gets the biggest payout,Adjust to the spread,It all looked so pre scripted to me Now think who goes next for the big glass football,Wont be a team from Alabama.Think Florida/Ohio and being they are trying to reign their quarterback.Id say Ohio is the heir entrapped to be next

  • Michael Kewl

    This is the best morning of your life to wake up as an Auburn alumni/fan for the rest of your life…while the Bama people will “eat humble pie” for their assumptions of glory were all wrong!!!

    Say goodbye to Saban as he will now leave for Texas…now if only Jones can do the same for Tennessee…

  • Linda Creque

    Why is no news station saying anything about what a sore looser Saban walked off the field last night never shaking Coach Malzahn’s hand last night after the game ?

    • Kevin Mount

      Why aren’t they reporting it? Maybe because it’s a LIE and they don’t want to get sued for libel? That could be the reason, Linda. Did you notice that the CBS coverage stayed focused on the Chris Davis celebration and didn’t pan in for the handshake, or were you just under the impression that Coach Saban was going to say, “Hold up. We have to wait for the cameras to get back to us so Linda can see me shake Gus’ hand?” Tell me this, since you were watching so closely, did you notice when Coach Saban stopped and shook hands with the Auburn player on his way to the locker room? The CBS cameras did show that. Did you check the Auburn University Athletic Dept. footage? It shows the handshake between Saban and Malzahn. Now here is my question for you. Since I assume you are an Auburn fan, and that automatically means you are classier and more Christian than anyone else, and since I have pointed out to you that your accusation against Coach Saban is false, and have told you where you can independently verify what I have said, are you going to do the classy and Christian thing and send Coach Saban a letter apologizing to him for bearing false witness against him?

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