Universities Crack Down on Counterfeiters at Iron Bowl


ATLANTA, Ga., (WHNT) – Do you celebrate going to the big game by buying a shirt, jersey, or other apparel to remember the good times you had?

Well, with the Iron Bowl just 24-hours away, university officials for both teams have begun taking measures to prevent potential counterfeit and unlicensed merchandise in the Auburn area.

The university officials, in conjunction with the Collegiate Licensing Company, are warning Iron Bowl participants that counterfeiters are looking to capitalize on their excitement by selling knock-off merchandise to unsuspecting customers.

The universities and the CLC have released several tips to help you buy legitimate merchandise and avoid getting ripped off:

•All officially licensed merchandise should display the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Product” hologram somewhere on the product or hangtag.

•The merchandise should depict Auburn or Alabama logos and marks in a tasteful manner, as Auburn and Alabama do not approve distasteful designs.

•The tag on the garment should be intact. A torn or missing tag is evidence of a second-hand garment, one that probably would not meet the stringent quality standards in place by Auburn and Alabama.

•All merchandise should bear the name of the manufacturer somewhere on the product, either in the form of a hangtag, a neck label, or screen-printed directly on the garment.

•All merchandise should have the appropriate trademark designations (i.e. TM) next to a specific name or design.

Royalties generated from the sale of officially licensed collegiate products go back to the respective Universities to support student scholarships and enhance various initiatives on campus.


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