UPDATE: Woman Says A&M Grad Student Did Not Rape Her

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- The woman who police said was raped by a former Memphis police officer has a different story.  She talked with WHNT News 19 on Wednesday.

She asked WHNT News 19 to keep her face and name hidden.  We will refer to her as "Jane Doe."

Doe said Terrance Shaw did not rape or hurt her and she’s trying to get the charges thrown out.

Doe said the two have been in an on and off again relationship for eight years.

Doe is from Memphis and was visiting Shaw in Huntsville, where he’s attending graduate school at Alabama A & M University.

AAMU Police arrested Shaw November 17 in the early morning hours.

Monica Ray, Executive Director of Public Safety, said the victim was an out-of-town guest and not a student.

“We have taken and continue to take numerous steps to provide a safe environment for both our students and the thousands of visitors to our campus,” commented Ray. “We take all allegations of sexual assault seriously and regret any incident that negatively impacts our campus community.

Doe said she sent a text message to her friend in Nashville while at Shaw’s campus apartment last weekend.

“I never told [my friend] I was raped or anything. That’s what really blew my mind.” she said. “It was pretty much about our relationship. Just the intimate part about it, and she just, you know, I guess she wasn’t used to that,” Doe told WHNT News 19's sister station WREG in Memphis over the weekend.

Doe said her friend “misunderstood” her text message and called police.

In the deposition, officers said a woman was raped and three men witnessed the act.

The victim was taken to the Huntsville Crisis Center and after collecting evidence, police arrested Shaw for first degree rape.

“They did the rape kit, but they didn’t find anything abnormal,” Doe said. “They couldn’t find anything. There were no bumps, bruises or anything.”

Doe said she didn’t even want a rape kit done, and “that part was actually the manipulation of the investigator.”

Doe said there were three men in the apartment, but there was nothing to witness.

Doe says she talked to Shaw since he was released on a $20,000 bond.

Doe said he was trying to get a fresh start in Alabama after he was investigated for shooting and killing 15-year-old Justin Thompson in September 2012.

Shaw was off duty at the time and claimed the teen tried to rob him. He was never criminally charged.

“He’s dealing with it. Of course with everything in Memphis, it’s really tough, but he’s trying to make it through and hold it together,” Doe said.

Shaw is expected in court in Alabama on December 4.


  • joe hereford

    It’s very evident here that there are parts to this story that’s not being told. I pray for the young man that has been false accused here and that GOD wil grant him peace in the midst of this tormoil. Also i pray for this young lady for her role in this ordeal and that they both will be better people as a result of this situation… “All things work together for good………”

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