Tinsel Trail To Open Friday In Downtown Huntsville, Skating Up And Running

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Forget all that meteorological stuff, this is the real moment where fall meets winter.

The fowl give thanks they weren’t born turkeys.

The trees die of envy that they weren’t born for Christmas.

The day before Thanksgiving, Big Spring Park crawls with people purposefully rolling over one season into the next.

The Tinsel Trail features over two-hundred Christmas trees, some of the first in the city.

More than one decorator told us they were putting up their first tree of the year in the park, even beating out their own at home.

The trail opens officially to visitors on Friday, and it keeps going until the first of next year.

It’s the third year for the Tinsel Trail.  Officials tell us last year the free attraction drew more than 32,000 visitors.

While you’re downtown in Huntsville, you can also check out Skating in the Park, which has already started.  It runs seven-days-a-week for varying hours through January 5th.  You can find the full schedule and info here.