Rogersville Woman Feeds Community

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - For the past 11 years, Amy Puckett has gathered countless volunteers to help prepare a Thanksgiving meal for those less fortunate. Her meals consist of potatoes, green beans and turkey. They’ve been enjoyed by hundreds in Rogersville.

"I'm from Ohio and at a Wendy’s restaurant there they would serve the homeless. I would volunteer there with my daughter,” said Puckett.

When she moved to Rogersville, she decided to start a tradition; prepare Thanksgiving meals to the less fortunate.

“We will probably be serving 150 meals to the community. I will continue it year to year. It gives other people time to come in and volunteer,” said Puckett.

Puckett says she plans to have thirty volunteers helping her delivery and serve meals on Thanksgiving Day. She will be serving meals at the Senior Center in Rogersville.