Locals Choose Mom & Pop Establishment for Last-Minute Thanksgiving Trimmings

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starHUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – You could choose just about anywhere to snag last-minute fixings for your Thanksgiving Day feast. Many people this year, at least in downtown Huntsville, decided to keep it all in the family and shop local.

Wednesday the parking lot of the Super Star Market in Huntsville’s Five-Points neighborhood was packed to the brim and the aisle congestion inside made for the occasional backup – certainly not a bad problem to have.

"We are happy to see it," says store director Doug Owens. "I think most businesses are, however, blessed with extra energy and business going on this time of the year - and by the way happy Thanksgiving."

Indeed. It's that kind of attitude and personable approach that keeps Star Market hopping, says Owens. After all, if the bottom line was the only thing Star Market was interested in, you wouldn't see the repeat business of patrons.

Patrons like Benjamin Horne, who says he found his perfect bird for frying at Star Market.

"The people are friendly and you can actually get advice here. It's not like a big store where they have no thought or concern about the customers - these people do," says Horne. "We need more stores like this because big companies have run these little stores out of business over the years."

But it looks like the quaint little corner market won't have to worry about that any time soon.

"We're lucky," says Owens, "We've been here a long time we have a lot of frequent, repeat customers and there is a feeling you get in this store that you don't get in a big box store."

And of that friendly smile and reliable personal touch employees impart daily here, Owens says:

"It's a requirement  - it's part of the training."