Iron Bowlers: Watch Out for Fake Tickets or Watch the Game on Campus with No Ticket


AUBURN, Ala. (WHNT) – They are the hottest tickets in the state: those that get you in the gate at Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium for the 2013 Iron Bowl.

But beware, some tickets may be hot for another reason.

In fact, Auburn University is sending out warnings about tickets that may end up being worthless and how you can avoid getting burned.

The face value for tickets is $95 each through authorized sellers, meaning the University of Alabama, Auburn University and the online ticket seller, Stubhub.

Elsewhere, they’re selling for up to $1,100.  But there’s a chance those tickets could actually be worth nothing.

“We’re strongly encouraging fans that if you did not purchase tickets through Auburn, through Alabama or through Stubhub, which is authorized to sell these tickets, that you’re taking a chance that your ticket may not be a good ticket,” said Cassie Arner of Auburn University’s Public Relations Department.

She said officials saw this happen on campus just two weeks ago.

“We did see a lot of that during the Georgia game, where people sold the barcode to one website and the physical ticket to another website and the bar coded one gets in,” said Arner.  “If you’re holding that really nice ticket, if it has been sold already on Stubhub, that ticket is not good to get in.”

She added scammers make very authentic-looking copies of a valid ticket.  But, only the first barcode gets through the gate.  Others will be turned away.

She also warned of the wheeling and dealing that may happen right outside the stadium and suggested a way to make sure you don’t get burned.

“If you’re at the game and you think you’ve got a good deal, make that person walk with you to the gate and check that ticket with one of the scanners or one of our trouble shooting areas which are at Gates Zero and 13 or any of the stadium box offices or even the Auburn Arena box office,” said Arner.

Auburn University officials can trace tickets back to the original owners and determine if they’ve been sold to Stubhub already to try to help protect fans from getting left out of the game.  Ticket-holders can call the AU Athletic Department or the ticket office to check the validity of a barcode on a ticket.

If you get scammed, all is not lost.   You could watch the game on the big screen at the Auburn Arena on campus, free of charge.  It’s perhaps the next best option for the crowds who can’t get into Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Capacity at the stadium is 87,451 fans with valid tickets.

The university is expecting many more fans than that — without tickets — and they’ve made room for them.

“We’ve opened Auburn Arena for that reason that we’ll show the game on the video board so fans can come into Auburn Arena, watch the game,” said Arner.  “The arena will open at 10 because the team store is there as well as the Hall of Honor is open.”

Arner emphasized there’s no charge and no tickets required for fans to file into the place where the university’s basketball team plays.

“It’ll be the video board feed with the Auburn Network audio, and fans can bring in their own food and non-alcoholic beverages to that, but we will also have concession stands open,” said Arner.

Doors to the arena open at 10 o’clock Saturday morning, first come, first served on the 100 and 200 levels.

Kickoff for the game is at 2:30 p.m. in Auburn.

Tailgaters are welcome to come in and stake out their spot starting at 6 o’clock Friday morning.

And don’t forget, the best seat in the house could be your recliner in your living room!
Watch all the action and excitement right here on WHNT.

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