FlightStats Helps You Track Flights, Weather Delays

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A major weather system is sweeping across the nation, creating trouble at key airports. If you plan to travel by air this Thanksgiving, or at any time during the holiday season, you might want to check out FlightStats. is an application which, according an explanation on the website, collects information from “a large number of sources (governments, airlines, airports, reservation systems, and others) and presents an intuitive display of the data.”

Registered users can explore details collected from the data sources but anyone can utilize some of the more basic tools offered.

Among the capabilities offered:

  • Flight status in near real-time
  • Reports on both runway and gate times
  • Global coverage
  • Codeshare mapping
  • Airport delay information, linked to relevant flights
  • Calculations of on-time performance ratings for flights and airlines

Users can also browse handy “delay maps” showcasing key airports that appear as color-coded dots. At a glance, one can see how weather is impacting those locations and click each dot for detailed information.

A radar overlay shows how and where precipitation is tracking across the region.

FlightStats also offers a number of free apps for both iPhone and Android devices, available for download here. There’s also a comprehensive AirportZoom for iPad app, featuring flight status, airport services and amenities and interactive terminal maps.