Download WHNT’s Free Apps to Help With Thanksgiving Travel

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) - Before you head out the door for Thanksgiving travel, download WHNT's free apps. They are available for iOS and Android and are free.

If you're headed to an area impacted by snow or rain, you can track the radar ahead of time to know what you're approaching.  Our interactive radar is available on both our news and weather apps.

Here is more information about each of the apps we offer.

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The WHNT app updates instantly and offers news, weather, sports and live streaming video.  When we're on the air, you can watch our newscasts right there on your mobile device.

We also send out alerts for breaking news, weather, sports and traffic.  You can turn off these notifications or adjust 'quiet time' so the alerts won't wake you up.  By default, 'quiet time' is turned on from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

You can also take pictures through the app and send them right to us.  You can either take a new picture or choose one from your photo library and send it straight to the newsroom.  We often use viewer photos on our newscasts, website and social media sites.

Our Live Alert 19 weather app also offers live streaming.  Watch our broadcasts anywhere - from the mall, from work, and in the event you are taking shelter during a storm.

Check out WHNT's various free apps today!