Teacher’s Letter Ruffles Some Parents’ Feathers

Buffalo, N.Y. (WHNT) – A teacher in Buffalo, N.Y. sent a hand-written letter home with kids advising parents to take care of hygiene problems in her classroom. The letter did not sit well with some parents, and they are speaking out about the issue.

The pre-school teacher’s letter told parents of several children with “soiled, stained and dirty clothes” in the 3 to 4-year-old class. She voiced health and safety concerns as well as her own personal issues with students’ presentation. The teacher told parents, “It makes it difficult for me to get close to them or even want to touch them.”

Every student got a letter. The pre-school teacher at Buffalo Building Academy asked parents and students to sign and return the letter as confirmation.

Several parents have complained saying the letter was unnecessary and inappropriate. Some are asking for action against the teacher for the following letter.


We want to know what you think. Was the teacher justified when she sent the letter home, or did she cross a line? Post your response on our Facebook. We’ll share some of your answers in the news at 9 on WHNT 2.


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