Redstone Arsenal Plans Gate Changes For The Holidays


REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) – You need to think for a second, before you hit the gates at Redstone Arsenal Thursday and Friday of this week.  You won’t get through just anywhere.

“We’re going to have gate 9 open 24/7, like always and gate 8 will be open from 5:30 a.m., to midnight” says Redstone Arsenal Public Information Officer Megan Cotton.

Outside of those, you’ve got exactly zero options.

“Every gate but gate 8 and gate 9 will be closed,” Cotton says.

The last time the arsenal gates closed was not pretty!  So what does the arsenal have to say about trimming gate staff for the holiday?  Don’t worry.

“In the past, it’s been about 75% of the workforce is off on Thursday and Friday, so with just the two gates open, it shouldn’t pose a traffic problem,” Cotton says.

Just stay aware of the gates, and aware they’ll change again.

“Around Christmas and New Years, there will also be reduced personnel at the gates for a few days, and then a few days, we’ll be closed down to just that gate 8 and gate 9 situation,” Cotton says.

But it’s nice to know a few extra gate guards will get to spend the holidays at home.


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