BRRRR! Athens City Building Has Heating Problems, Council Meeting Held Anyway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- Problems with the heating system at the Athens Police Department did not stop council from holding their meeting Monday evening, but those who attended were encouraged to dress warmly.

Monday afternoon Athens city leaders had signaled they would move the meeting to another building but the city attorney advised the city against that decision since there was not adequate public notice for the change in location.

City officials say they are dealing with a heating problem in the building. Our WHNT News 19 crew reported the temperature inside the building Monday afternoon was hovering around 60 degrees. Some employees have brought in portable heaters and are wearing jackets.

Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks says this is not the first time they have had issues with the heating and air conditioner system in the relatively new building. Marks says the police department facility was constructed in 2006 and just this year the air system has not worked on three separate occasions.
Replacement parts to fix this latest issue are expected to arrive sometime Tuesday, until then they will be running portable heaters in the building in an attempt to keep it warm enough inside for workers to stay inside.