Lincoln County DA Looks Ahead to Burrell Trial

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) -- Zakkawanda Moss has been found guilty. The verdict came from a Lincoln County courtroom Friday. Moss was convicted on 6 counts of 1st degree murder in connection with a string of killings that happened last October in Madison and Lincoln Counties. Six people were killed, including an unborn child and a baby.

Another man is charged in this case, Henry Burrell. His trial is set to begin in February.  "We've taken the information into the District Attorney's office and we've done it exactly as we've needed to do it, and exactly as we planned to do it," said District Attorney Rob Carter.  "It's that type of teamwork with the folks in Alabama and in Tennessee and the plan to do it right, that results in the verdict we got here."

The State is pleased with the outcome of the Zakkawanda Moss murder trial. Carter said his prosecution team is ready to do this all over again, but don't expect it to be the exact same trial Moss went through. "That trial is different than this, it's a different individual obviously, it's also different proof, some different evidence, the actual items, those type things," said Carter.

This time, it was Zakkawanda Moss. Henry Burrell's trial will  begin February 6th, 2014. "We were prepared for this trial, we're prepared to have that trial right now and we'll be prepared in February."

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