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Hatton Elementary School Shuts Down Friday; Scheduled to Reopen Monday


LAWERENCE, COUNTY (WHNT) - Hatton Elementary experienced 67 absences on Thursday, something school administrators say is uncommon.

“I mean it was like clockwork. I mean it was like the plague. I was like oh my goodness,” said Tiffany Watkins, a second grade teacher at Hatton.

According to school leaders, Hatton Elementary started off with 61 students absent on Thursday. As the day progressed, the school sent six students home.

Principal Joe Lang took action and closed the school down on Friday.

"Well today all of our teachers, staff and facility members are here to help us clean. You know we are wiping down and mopping. We are using cleaners that kill germs. We want to get ready for Monday," said Lang.

Lang teamed up with school nurses to investigate the cause of this outbreak. They haven't found a common denominator, but they are seeing a pattern of flu like symptoms in most kids. One student has been diagnosed by a medical doctor with strep throat. Another has been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.

According to the Lawrence County school guidelines, it is recommend parents to keep students home for at least 24 hours if they are sick.

Classes will resume on Monday.

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