Eating In Has Advantages

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Gibson's Bar-B-Q at 8412 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville: Score of 84

  • The fryer basket wires were broken and the portable freezer units were cracked.
  • The ice machine interior was dirty.
  • The ice was in contact with a dirty surface inside the ice machine.

The Country Store at 9395 Pulaski Pike in Toney: Score of 81

  • Meatloaf 122F, macaroni and cheese 123F, corn dogs 127F, and wings 128F.
  • Hot dogs 55F, banana pudding 55F, deli meat 56F, & pre-packaged deli meat sandwiches 60F.

Lake Guntersville State Park at 1155 Lodge Drive in Guntersville: Score of 74

  • Ready to eat food in the cooler with past use-by dates.
  • Pest control.
  • Cleaners with food, food equipment and missing labels.
  • Potatoes at 98 degrees, Beans at 130 degrees.

Golden Spoon:

Yumm Sushi and Beyond at 117 North Court Street in Florence: Score of 99

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