Zoomies: Just Plain Weird

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Zoomies is a hands-free binoculars device that you wear like sunglasses.

It claims to use 400% magnification so you can zoom in to see at home or away.

There are adjustable knobs on the side of the Zoomies so you can focus.

It’s very light and fairly sturdy.

The Zoomies will zoom in to some degree and it might be okay at a game. But what you get when you zoom in and focus is a tunnel-vision look.

I found it to be severely disorienting.   I think if you were at game, it would get old after a while.

If you went to see a big concert act, it won’t be as good as the big screen most acts use.

I think it’s more of a kid’s toy than anything else.

But the packaging shows adult uses for them, like hunters and grandma using the Zoomies for what appears to be sewing or crocheting.

I made this a Dud. But, honestly, there may be more of a personal preference for me more than normal. It’s just not a device I would ever use.  If I wanted a product like this I would just buy binoculars.

If you like the Zoomies send me your thoughts and I will update your thoughts and how you use it.  It cost $9.99.