Mayor Tommy Battle Addresses Boeing Recruitment

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Boeing contemplates where to move major operations, and Huntsville city leaders hope they’ll finish first in the running.

Ironically, we caught up with Mayor Tommy Battle at an event promoting local small business, but even here, he’s thinking about big business too.

Specifically, Boeing.

Mayor Battle says, “We’re working the recruitment process.  We met with Boeing.  There will probably be a request for proposals coming out in the next week or so.”

Huntsville already has Boeing facilities, which could prove an asset in the quest to build planes.

Battle adds, “This is just a natural progression for us.  We had 600 engineers work six years on the 787 Dreamliner.”

Local businesses help keep flavor in our community, but this Boeing project could become a backbone.

Battle explains, “There’s a lot of estimates out there, everywhere from 3,000 jobs to 6,500 jobs.  And those are direct jobs.  And then there’s some spin-off of supplier parts and other things that will come in.”

When it comes to bringing in more Boeing, you can bet Battle’s sharpened his pitch, “This is a real chance for Boeing to put engineering, system integration, and production all in one place.”

He’s got big promises for the company, “If they do it in Huntsville, I think we can promise them we will produce the best plane ever made in the world.”

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