Leaders Promote Shopping Local For “Small Business Saturday”

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City leaders want to remind you to shop local next Saturday.

It’s a counterpart to Black Friday, designed to keep tax dollars here in Madison County.

Around this time of year, it’s especially important for small businesses.

Harrison Brothers Hardware Volunteer Vicki Redburn notes, “A big portion of the income is holidays.”

Jingling bells on opening doors make the season for retailers peddling local flavor, and successful local businesses can become a community’s best friend.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle explains, “By having a good year, that means that they can hire more people, that they can add to the economy.  They can make our economy even stronger.”

The floors at Harrison Brothers have taken a few scuffs over the years, but every added footprint helps.

And folks there say it never gets as hectic as better traveled shopping spots.

Redburn adds, “It is a much more relaxing experience.  We do have an increase in shoppers around that time, but it’s not as push and shove and hurried.  And people just seem to be a lot nicer to one another.”

For this holiday season, some shoppers already have a little something picked out.

“I do but I can’t tell anybody,” says Mayor Battle, “Because then they’d tell Mrs. Battle I’m bringing her a present.”

But he hopes you find something you like too.  He notes a lot of local retailers took a hit during the government shut down and sequestration scares, and this may be the most important year yet to shop locally and provide a lifeline to these businessses.