Kmart’s Christmas Ad Stirs Up Controversy With Men In Boxers

Posted on: 2:00 pm, November 19, 2013, by

Nothing says Christmas like men in boxer shorts shaking to the tune of Jingle Bells, right?

No?  Well, a new Kmart commercial may change your mind.

Kmart likely knew the ad would cause a little controversy, but the more people are talking about it, the more it gets seen and the more their brand gets exposure. Kmart is even promoting their ad campaign with the hashtag #ShowYourJoe.

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  • C. Bunton says:

    I think it’s rather cute and funny.

  • Tamela Wade says:

    hahahahahaha I like it!

  • Jennifer says:

    Love it!

  • Hilarious! You can’t seriously watch this without laughing, lighten up people!!

  • dianna Fanizzi says:

    This is sooo sooo funny on so many levels, I can not watch the commerical without laughing and I will always remember the branding of Joe Boxer and their advertising, and this is want any good advertising agency wants of a product, to be unforgetable

  • Denise says:

    Lol I love it .. It makes u smile an giggle .. Christmas is suppose to be fun an lots of laughter ..

  • Joan says:

    It’s funny and offensive all at the same time! I guess it goes to show we’ll put aside our sense of morality for a good laugh. doesn’t speak very well of us as a culture.

    • I think this is funny! If you’re offended by this I think there’s a thing on your TV where you can change the channel. As for Joan, and her thinking that it’s offense because Christmas represents the birth of Christ, I agree that we have Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, But I bet if you go to her house and look at the presents she bought; they’re would be very few (if any) that would have a commercial that contained to the Birth of Christ. Jesus justs wants us to love one another. To me Christmas is all about GIVING!! Jesus said “If you do this to the least of these, you do unto me also. I could see if the men were nude people being offended but they weren’t. Quit looking for things to be offended by!!

  • Larlo Hall says:

    It is certainly not appropriate for Christmas…Jesus Christ is the theme of Christmas and not boxer short clad dancers…Jesus is the reason for the season…I will not visit KMart this year for my Christmas shopping…

    • Pdub says:

      Ummm you know Jesus was not born in December… How about you see the ad for what it is… Kmart getting people to talk about them during the Holiday season… So they were a Success!

    • Scott Frazer says:

      I think Kmart will be fine if you don’t shop there. They seem to have a sense of humor, and you don’t. Additionally, Jesus isn’t the reason for the season. as stated in another response, he wasn’t born in December, and many of the traditions we observe during Christmas have their roots in pagan ritual. The trimming of a conifer during the winter, for example, originated with the Celts and was intended as an offering on the winter solstice. The giving of gifts, however, is meant to commemorate the gift of the magi, and, therefore, should be based in thoughtfulness and not upon crass commercialism. So shop where you want, Lario. No one cares. But here’s my Christmas gift to you: try wearing some funny underpants, as well as undergoing fiber therapy and a complete purge. You’re bound to feel less uptight. Merry f*#@in’ Christmas!

  • Thelma Lou says:

    I think the “Ship my pants” is much more inappropriate, especially with the kid saying it. This one is funny and cute. Besides, it’s about time they put some scantily clad males in some of these commercials!

  • People need to get a sense of humor! They aren’t naked… They aren’t grabbing their crotches or being vile. I thought it was funny.

  • Haha says:

    Its funny, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  • T. Davis says:

    Cute, and definitely not as inappropriate as the “ship my pants.” Not nearly as offensive and inappropriate as Victoria’s Secret commercials.

  • stacy walker says:

    Love it funny and cute

  • Toni Thomas says:

    Love it! See you at the big K!

  • Teresa Kelley says:

    I think it is funny. It is more tasteful than some of the Hardees commercials and some of the others that have women and men dressed provacativly and insinuating sexual things.

  • mary says:

    It’s definitely memorable and catches your attention! It does its intended job.

  • i thought it was funny..i like to know what is wrong with it for people to say its offensive..Are they naked? Do they have anything “hanging” out? Did they cuss? So how again is it offensive? I truly would like to know.

  • Alicia says:

    I think it’s funny!!!

  • Kristi says:

    I used to love Joe Boxer, but that’s probably it for us! No…that is absolutely not okay for children & families, and even I don’t want to watch that! Gross! Shameful, and NOT funny! Grow up, people! And I also agree it’s not as bad as some others, and those others need to get taken off t.v., too!

  • Kim turner says:

    I think it is cute. It is sexy. Victoria’s Secret commercials show a lot more and that seems to be okay? Brilliant marketing Kmart…

  • judi says:

    I think it’s very cute

  • Susan Willingham says:

    I’ve not seen anyone complaining about the Victoria’s Secret commercials and they are dressed a LOT more scantily than these guys plus they are on all year long.

  • Sugar_Baby says:

    Not funny and not cute

  • So basically its wrong for men to wear boxers on a commercial but it’s ok for women to make a commercial in their panties and BRA’s? If its wrong for men then its wrong for women.

  • Lori Dollar says:

    I think it’s funny and hilarious!! people that think this is bad you should watch some Soap Opera’s nom where men do a lot worse. Turn the channel if you don’t like. I mean REALLY!!!!

  • Lupe Calvo says:

    Nothing wrong very funny

  • noel says:

    i was watching abcfamily channel tonight and there was a young man parading around the living room in his boxers. i found more to be offended about on the cartoon channel. and how about those victoria secrets commercials…give me a break. if your offended by this commercial you have no business watching t.v.

  • sugar_doll says:

    Kmart what a trip the laugh is on Kmart lets shop @ the best place in boaz.

  • thomas snowman says:

    What’s wrong with dancing to Christmas music?

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