TVA Plant Closings May Open Doors To Employment

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - On Thursday, TVA announced it will close six of its coal units in north Alabama. The decision will leave the Shoals to experience a harsh reality because all five units in Colbert County will close.

Even though this decision will leave hundreds unemployed, it could also mean employment opportunities for others.

Forrest Wright, director of the Shoals Economic Development Authority,  said the units closings can create a unique opportunity for the area.

“What can occur is when they decommission the Colbert plants it become a prime target for another company to come in on top of it to provide new jobs," said Wright.

TVA's decision to close the coal units is a combination of new EPA guidelines and a goal to be more environmental friendly.

TVA has approved to close eight coal units in Alabama and Kentucky. Five units in Tuscumbia, two operating coal units at Widows Creek Fossil Plant in Stevenson and two of three coal units at the Paradise Fossil Plant near Central City, KY.

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