Boeing’s 777X Production: Could Huntsville be a Possibility?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Boeing workers in Seattle rejected a contract this week for the aircraft maker to have its 777X made in union-represented plants.

This sets the stage for Boeing to look at other cities to build the aircraft, which is more fuel-efficient than its current 777, a Boeing mainstay.

“Without the terms of this contract extension, we’re left with no choice but to open the process competitively and pursue all options for the 777X,” said Ray Connor, CEO of Boeing’s commercial aircraft division.

Boeing has said it may look at sites including Long Beach, California; Ogden, Utah; and San Antonio, Texas.  A South Carolina lawmaker also said he got a call this week.

What about Huntsville?  Boeing has a large presence here.  It’s the largest aerospace company in Alabama and has been here for more than 50 years.

WHNT News 19 contacted several people in the city about the possibility of Boeing bringing the 777X production here. Most didn’t want to talk on the record, but one source said Alabama is attractive to major players like Boeing because it is a “right to work” state.  Many think Boeing would find Alabama fertile ground for a major company doing business, and not dealing with unions.

Boeing’s Strategic Missile & Defense Systems headquarters is located in Huntsville, as well as its largest program, Ground-based Midcourse Defense.

CNN contributed to this report.


  • Wake Up

    Yes, we should be proud to welcome a company that wants to destroy the retirements of loyal workers that invested their whole lives working for Boeing. That would be just peachy!

  • preacher

    please come to Huntsville. Unions need to be abolished. They think they “own” the companies that hire them. Boeing need to send a strong message to these people. McDonalds is hiring.

    • Wake Up

      The companies are laughing all the way to the banks when workers beat up on their fellow workers. You fight the battles that makes them rich. Those companies will throw you under the bus faster than you can say — what the #&*@!

  • Bill

    Unions had their place at one time. The unions of recent history are the cause of jobs going to foreign countries!!! We need to say good-bye to an old system taht is destroying ours job market.

    • Wake Up

      Bill, get real. Companies go overseas because of the tax laws that benefit foreign profits over domestic profits. They also are leaving because of the favorable treatment they receive in foreign trade policies. They want you to think it is the unions so that you will not support the only tool worker’s have to make their situation better.

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