Flies in the Kitchen, Cleaner by the Food

Didn't Cut the Mustard:

Shoney's at 1402 Hwy 72 E. in Athens: Score of 74

  • Damaged Fryer Baskets.
  • Cracked Lids.
  • Pitted Ice Cream Scoop.
  • Ham 52F.
  • Opened drink bottle in cooler.

Apple Lane Farms at 23027 US Hwy 20 in Tanner: Score of 83

  • Approved course certificate expired in August.
  • Flies in the prep areas.

Panda at 1070 N Brindlee Mountain in Arab: Score of 66

  • Wings at 129F, sweet n sour at 111F.
  • Cleaning needed, can opener blade, potato chopper, cabbage drain pan, other utensils.
  • Broken wires on equipment skimmer and strainer.
  • Water hose at buffet required back siphonage protection.
  • Food item stored with cleaners.
  • No person identifying themselves as "in charge" of the facility while the manager was out.

Golden Spoon Award:

California Grill at 245 Governors Drive in Huntsville: Score of 99

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