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New Details: Shooting Suspect Surrenders to DeKalb County Sheriff

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L to R: Travis Townsend, in handcuffs, walks in the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office with Sheriff Jimmy Harris. (Photo: DeKalb Co. Sheriff's Office)

L to R: Travis Townsend, in handcuffs, walks in the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office with Sheriff Jimmy Harris. (Photo: DeKalb Co. Sheriff’s Office)

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Thursday, DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris arrested the man accused in a shooting earlier this week in the Dawson community.

The shooting happened Tuesday.

Sheriff Harris said he got a tip last night that Townsend was returning to DeKalb County and wanted to tell his side of the story to the Sheriff.  The text said if the Sheriff came alone, Townsend would turn himself in.

“I told them I would be there when they called,” Sheriff Harris said.

Sheriff Harris pulled up at the residence in Dawson and advised Townsend to come out.  He did, and surrendered peacefully.

“You know that there is always two sides of the story and Townsend wanted to tell his side,” said Sheriff Harris. “We put a lot of man power into locating Townsend and we are glad he turned himself in. We are also glad that the victim Bobby Harper is doing ok.”

Deputies say Townsend is charged with attempted murder.

Deputies say Travis Townsend is in custody. He was wanted in a shooting that happened Tuesday morning on County Road 313 in Dawson. (Photo: DeKalb Co. Sheriff's Office)

Deputies say Travis Townsend is in custody. He is accused of shooting a man Tuesday morning on County Road 313 in Dawson. (Photo: DeKalb Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Investigators say Townsend shot Bobby Harper in the neck with a deer rifle Tuesday while Harper was inside a vehicle.

Harper was taken to Huntsville Hospital.

DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris says Harper told deputies the fight was over a woman both men had dated.

Deputies say that woman was since arrested in Jackson County on drug-related charges.


    • Martha Herston

      People sometimes don’t think about the consquences during the heat of the moment. They don’t think about how it not only hurts them but also the people who loved them. It is sad. May God bless you.

  • Martha Herston

    What has shoes got to do with it? They fought over a woman? I hope she was worth it. It doesn’t sound like she was since she has already been arrested for drugs.

  • Dianne Howard

    This obviously was not a random shooting, therefore I doubt if anyone else was in danger. So it doesn’t sound like he was a threat to society. Also, this is a very serious situation that affects a lot of lives. These families need prayer at a time like this and not ridicule about the shoes he is wearing. Shame on you! I am a family member too and am concerned about the outcome of this situation.

  • Cindy sexton

    No she wasn’t worth she white trash but when someone tries to break in your house and try to run you down with a car anyone would defend there self

  • Carolyn Nabors

    Is it immaturity or ignorance that a person would make such a comment about another persons shoes, in a situation such as this? Travis is my nephew and we love him. I think we should be praying for him and the families involved…and a special prayer for ignorant people.

  • Cindy sexton

    Travis is my brother and no matter what he has done I do not disown him I want to say to those of you that have shown concern and prayers thank you so much but to you ignorant people that choose to judge there a special place for you

  • Brooke Martin

    If it was all the Harper guys fault why did Travis run and not just sit there wait on the police to get there..Sounds to me like the chic trying to keep both men..

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