Autumn Wood Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Lauderdale County teenager charged with murder has entered a guilty plea.

Moments ago, Autumn Marie Wood, 19, entered the courtroom of Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Mike Jones and pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly said the plea agreement with Wood includes a sentence of 10 and a half years in a state prison.

According to Connolly, the plea deal came together rather quickly.

Connolly said the family of Brooklyn Hollins talked with him on Wednesday after a motions hearing about the upcoming trial next week.

Connolly said the family was having a hard time dealing with the murder of their daughter and didn’t want to sit through a week-long trial, with an uncertain outcome.

On November 18th, jury selection was scheduled to begin in Wood's trial.

Wood was arrested in March of 2012 by Florence Police and charged with the stabbing death of Hollins, 14.

According to investigators who worked the case, Wood stabbed Hollins during an argument at a house party in Florence.

After her indictment in October of 2012, Wood pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

During a recent evaluation by a mental health expert, it was stated in a report that Wood did not suffer from a mental episode when Hollins was murdered.

In the motions hearing on Wednesday, Wood's attorney Jeff Austin stated that defense was now off the table.

District Attorney Chris Connolly said the 10-and-a-half-year sentence for manslaughter is middle of the road in the state's sentencing guidelines.

Connolly said Wood will be eligible for early release by a state parole board.

Circuit Judge Mike Jones will hold a sentencing hearing for Wood on December 19 at 1:30 p.m.


    • David

      David Andrasik was murdered in 2011 over an argument and that guy got only 2 years for it. Andrasik was unarmed and was fatally shot in the chest at pretty close range when he never touched anyone or made threats of physical harm according to trial reports and his killer is still loose not serving a day so far.

  • eddie braxton johhnson

    teenagers!! …all too common is mindless, emotion filled behavior!!. 10 yrs!..she’ll live with the guilt of it!..even after release..u know guilt triggers alcoholism, drugs….

    • Sue

      This is not teenagers will be teenagers sort of thing. She MURDERED Brooklyn and as far as feeling guilty? Doubt it. If Autumn was capable of feeling guilty she would not have killed her in the first place. All a killer has to do is admit to what they did and what? automatic light sentence. Autumn will have an entire life -and Brooklyn? Pathetic justice!

  • Phil G

    This is an outright case of MURDER!!! Do you realize she will be out in 5 years +/-. I hope Judge Jones doesn’t go along with the plea deal, and sentences this girl to the maximum penalty for the MURDER she committed!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffy

    She’ll never do 10 years. Probably more like 6 years at the most. Call me paranoid, but there seems to be something fishy going on with this sentence? I say its time to vote some new people in office around this town!!

    • ram

      The family requested allowing her to plea, from it says in the article, and they say that is a middle length sentence. She isn’t walking free. I wish it were longer, but she will do years of time. It could be worse.

  • mamac

    This is Hard all the way around.Both families. The Hollins have lost their daughter. And now the Wood family knows their daughter is going to state prison. Haven’t never been to prison(thank you sweet Jesus) but I have heard and watched enough prison reality tv shows to know that it is a pretty bad place. 2 lives 2 families changed forever.All because of a stupid party. This is sad, heart broken all the way around.I wonder what Autumn thoughts are now. Someone needs to try and see if they can get a interview with her and she might want to go out and talk to other kids about stopping and thinking first before reacting then thinking..I’m sorry for all involved…

  • Debra Stewart

    So sorry for both families, especially the Hollin family. They will never be able to see or hold their daughter again. So young, so sad ,my thoughts and prayer’s go out to all….

  • andrea holt

    She deserves more than 10 years , Brooklyn deserved to have a teenage life to live but can she no? Autumn deserves life in prison . R.i.p Brooklyn!

    • Sue

      Exactly! Just kill and do a little time- if any in some cases. Then go on with your life. But the victim and their families do a life sentence because of them.

      • David

        That is so true and heartbreaking Sue! Not sure if you recall but in Franklin County not far I don’t think from where this young girl was stabbed to death another murder occurred in November 2011 David Andrasik a husband and father was murdered ALSO over an argument ONLY VERBAL as eye witnesses there came forward to defend Andrasik that he was neither armed nor physically attacking anyone as his killer tried to claim all along to attempt to get away with murder.. they FINALLY after nearly 2 years make it to trial then the Franklin County judge comes back with a 14 years SPLIT sentence with this guy basically only getting 2 years to serve and the rest probation!!! The victim was unarmed tried several times to exit the scene and kept being lured back and was finally fatally shot in the chest at pretty close range and his killer is still loose not serving a day so far. This is spit in the face.. joke for justice.

  • Rita

    This is really wrong 10yrs is a joke i think she should pay for what she done to Brookyln n the family she took away a sweet lil girl life tht can’t not bring back she deserves more then 10yrs justice should be done better then tht i am srry the judge should look at it if tht was his daughters life taken wht would he do r say if he was in tht family’s shoes of Brooklyn i can promise the book would be throw in the face in life be hind bars if tht was the judges daughters so hope the judge really gives her more time then tht in Dec but our prayers go out to the family if Brookyln we live u n Gods got control of this n hope Giddy be with tht judge on Dec to let him open his eyes up to the case n be with Brooklyn family tht day .

  • Rita

    You get more time getting caught for drugs then you do murder wht is the system thinking really but when you kill somebody you get less time it is sick this woods took a precious girls life from her n all the system is trying to give is 10yrs wake up judge n look at Brooklyn family they will never see there daughter again if tht was your daughter that got murder what would justice be life behind bars tht she never see the streets again woods know right from wrong you do the crime do the time n wht she done served in jail not long enough n 10yrs sure not neither i am sorry. she don’t deseverd to be out after taken a precious girls life.we stand behind the Brooklyn family our prayers are with y’all n hope better justice get done in Dec n she don’t walk

    • Fed Up taxpayer

      Simple – Chris Connolly and Mike Jones. Add a spineless lawyer with two crooked public officials and you can get and do whatever you can afford to pay them all ! We need to look at both these so called public servants really close. Yes I know the family blah blah blah, but the fact is she murdered a little girl. What if it was one of our dear public servants daughters ? What am I thinking, they let child molesters plea deal and work at local dance studios where kids are. Stand up Florence Alabama and get these snakes out of here !

  • raymon

    The justice system Are all losers. I had a friend that got caught with some drugs and the same court the same judge the same d.a. gave him a life sentence. But if someone murders someone you get ten to twenty years. If yall call this justice you need to wake up get out of office and retire because all of you are washed up…This is why prisons ate over crowded. Ppl like yall give all that time for bullcrap charges but you dont feel the prisons with serious crimes. Yes all of you need to be fired!!!

    • David

      its plain sick… there was a murder happened in Red Bay, Alabama 2 years ago.. guy who did it got 2 years for it and is STILL loose on appeals.. has been behind bars 1 day for it. he had 4 slick lawyers.. 2 from Alabama 2 from Ms.. this breaks my heart for this man’s family shot to death and now for this precious girl whose life was stabbed out of her by this girl who KNEW what she was doing when she grabbed a knife… 5 years, 10 years or 20.. she TOOK a life… and for the other guy to JUST get 2 years in Franklin County is beyond sick..

  • eddie braxton johhnson

    i actually concur with the justice mettled out to her!. i mean she didn’t specifically plot to stab her friend from the get go. it looks like it was one of them spur-of-the-moment thing at a house party where everybody was probably liquored up and drugged!…. and well, bad things usually happen at these house parties!!.Now she’s what 16-18..well, on top of what she did she’ll have too live with the overwhelming guilt of kiling her ‘friend’, even after she’s released. jail aint necessarily being behind bars!!.. u can be ‘free’ outside and still be literally locked up!!!!!……GUILT

    • Sue

      I DO NOT believe she will feel any guilt at all. They were in a kitchen where knives were so she stabbed a 14 yr old. She was 17 yrs old at that time. I think if she was somewhere with guns available and arguing with anyone she would choose a gun. She was a time bomb waiting to explode. Could have been her parents, a different friend. I have been to parties and seen people act crazy, argue or whatever. They do not reach for weapons to kill- especially a kid much younger. She derves the maximum penalty!!

  • eddie braxton johhnson

    sue, you aint been keeping up with the news have you? most shootings in huntsville lately are bone out of arguments, fussing and stuff. … mix all that with drugs and alcohol plus guns……

    • Sue

      Actually I do keep up with the news. This was NOT a street killing with thugs, or a break in it was a party with teenagers. It is not ordinary to expect a teenager to pick up a weapon just because she gets in an argument. She is pretty much an adult. She knew what could happen and it was wrong! Now Brooklyn is dead and she did it. She needs to pay a lot more than 10 yrs for a cold blooded murder!

      • David

        We think this is bad.. a murder happened in Red Bay Alabama 2 years ago and the killer STILL loose convicted and that judge gave him only 2 years to serve and the rest probation and he shot and killed a man unarmed, not touching anyone.. just a verbal dispute.. he lied like a dog in court trying to get out of it but thankfully eye witnesses shot his lies out of the water.. he like Wood deserves LIFE behind bars because they took a life. Makes me wanna puke!

  • David

    I hope and pray Wood does the entire 10 and half for this.. so wish it was a lot more.. breaks my heart for the Hollins family.. She knew what she was doing when she grabbed a knife. She is a cold blooded murderer.

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