Jackson Co. Man To Remove Wife’s Body From Yard

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STEVENSON, Ala. (WHNT) -- A Jackson County man has once again been told to remove his wife's body from his front yard, and this time, he has said he will do it.

Jim Davis says it was his wife Patsy's dying wish to be buried in their front yard. He carried out that wish when she passed away several years ago, and since then the city of Stevenson has told him he had to remove her.

Several court dates later, he hasn't.

It's been years of legal battles. However, Wednesday both parties are one step closer to a resolution.

Davis, his lawyer, and a lawyer representing the city of Stevenson went before a judge Wednesday afternoon. Davis' lawyer argued for more time to remove the remains. He says Davis needs to make arrangements with his family and with a funeral service. The city's attorney argues Davis has had more than enough time to make those arrangements.

Davis' attorney argued to keep the vault in the front yard, but the attorney representing the city asked to have the vault removed as well.

The judge suspended the hearing pending the completion of an agreement both Davis and the city of Stevenson said they found palatable.

Friday, the casket, vault and Davis' wife's remains will be removed. The remains will be cremated and then returned to Davis.

If Davis doesn't comply, the hearing will resume.

In the past Davis has told the judge and WHNT News 19  if he were to have to dig up his wife's remains, he was going to have them cremated, and then put back into his front yard. However, during the hearing for the first time he told the judge he will still have them cremated, but keep them in his house.

The funding to have the remains removed will be taken out of a ten thousand dollar bond Davis had initially put up. A little more than six hundred dollars will also be taken out to reimburse the city for the costs associated with this case. The rest will be returned to Davis.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office says it will have deputies at Davis' house while the remains are being removed.


  • David

    Just keeps getting worse. Cant do any thing on your own property. Think about it like this. Lets say his neighbor comrade Smith calls the police and says comrade Davis has buried his wife in the yard. Please have him remove her. Do you get the picture? Local goverments, state goverments as well as federal dont want you to have any control over personal property. There are graves all over this nation that are not in cemetarys

  • Melissa Dabbs

    I feel this is this mans property and he pays his taxes on it so he should be able to place his wife in his yard and keep her there. That was her wishes and nobody ought to have the right to deny her husband the right to do so. What happened to our freedom? Its funny how the goverment will waste money on this fighting this gentlman but doesn’t do anything to stop all the children who are neglected and abused. It goes to show they can do as they wish and we really have no rights. May God be with this man as he has to do the one thing that should never have to be done.

  • Jim M

    I feel for the man and can understand him wanting to bury his wife in his yard but you have to think about the future also. What if everyone were allowed to bury their family members in their yard. What happens when they pass away and the property is sold? Now the new owners most likely wouldnt want a grave in their yard and it creates problems with possible relatives wanting to visit the site etc. Can you imagine in a an established neighborhood that people start doing that and not long after you have graves throughout all the properties. The problem then comes up when the properties are turned over. The best solution in my opinion is to stick with graveyards for buring your deceased or cremating their remains otherwise you end up with sticky legal problems later one..

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