Huntsville Drivers Want To Know Where To Stop

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Huntsville drivers have a problem. If they obey the stop sign, and painted stop line on the surface of Randolph Avenue where it meets California Street, they can't see traffic coming from their left on California. So, what does a driver have to do? "Pull out, and get yourself run over", says Kerry Walker.

The dilemma at the intersection is made worse by the fact that drivers on California can either bear to the left and stay on California, or immediately past Randolph, they can go straight and enter Russell Street. The traffic that goes straight is where the real problem is for drivers on Randolph. "It's difficult to know how far to pull out there, without endangering the front end of your car," says Winnie Bailey.

Observing the intersection of Randolph and California you can watch drivers halt at the stop line, and then creep forward as they try to see traffic on California. Sometimes they pull too far forward and hurriedly back up. "Well, it's difficult," says Lori Harris when asked about using Randolph to get on to busy California.

The stop sign and stop line are both intended to make sure drivers aren't in danger, but in this case there appears to be danger because of the stop directions. "It at least needs to be reviewed. It probably needs to be adjusted," says Winnie Bailey.

Every driver we talked to believes the stop line needs to be relocated to where drivers can see to their left, without pulling into oncoming traffic.  That's obviously a reasonable request.  We're taking action and making sure city traffic engineers understand driver concerns.

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  • Roy Simmons

    The obvious solution and only safe one is to forbid left – southbound turns from traffic going west on Randolph and to forbid left turns from Andrew Jackson going east up Randolph.

    As a 50 year resident in 5 Points that can report that there have been numerous bad wrecks and deaths at this intersection, it is about time with the increased traffic using Andrew Jackson/California St. to make this intersection safer.

    It is quite easy for a driver to go one block north to Clinton Ave and have a traffic light to enjoy a safe turn onto Andrew Jackson.

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